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Comparison of Sliding Glass Closet Doors: Choose Wisely!

sliding glass closet doors

Sliding glass closet doors are a visual representation of the concept of a modern home. If you want to bring one change to your ancestors’ home to make it look like a modernized one, change the doors. Wondering how to choose closet doors? Replace them with sliding glass doors. The most important part of renovating a house is the redefinition of its bedroom. The age-old hinged wardrobes and closets are enough to spoil the mood of a new-age interior theme. Choose a better alternative, and switch to sliding clear, frosted or mirrored closet doors. Worried about the price? We have your back here with precise comparison of price among major interior extension suppliers globally.

Why Sliding glass doors are important for your closet?

Sliding glass closet doors are taking the interior renovation game to the next level. When you install them in your bedroom closet, it’s really hard for others not to praise your style sense. They look stunningly beautiful, are easily maintained and are also cost effective. Yes! You heard it right. Sliding glass doors can save your hard earned wages. They have many other benefits also:

Saves a lot of space: I have unnecessary space in my bedroom, said nobody ever! With hinged wooden doors in your closet, no matter how much you try, you can never save enough space in your bedroom. They take more space to open and close than you have inside your closet. With additional mirrored dresser, there is barely anymore space left. On the contrary, sliding glass doors don’t take any extra space outside the frame of your closet. Moreover, if you have an in-built wall closet, the doors can even hide inside the wall as well. So, no need for any additional space for the operation of this kind of doors. You can utilize the available extra space for other purpose.

Easily maintained and cleaned: Sliding glass closet doors are very easy for maintenance. All they need is a little glass cleaner and soft cloth to be cleaned. Be a little careful about the mirrored glass, they tend to get scratched. As you can operate the sliding glass panels any side you want, you can also clean inside of your closet very easily. One time installation of sliding glass closet door can warrant you tension free 10 years at least.

Easy process of installation: Glass closet doors won’t put you through much hassle when it comes to the matter of installation. You take the measurement of your closet space and buy customized doors of 2 or more panels with its accompanying frames and you are good to go. Your in house plumbers can also install them with a bit of installation guidance.

Provides more storage: Closets with wooden doors cannot give you access to every corner of your closet space. Instead, in the floor to ceiling closet with wooden doors, botheration of opening and closing multiple doors will prevent you from using it in the first place. On the other hand, floor to ceiling sliding closet makes every space usable without any hassle.

No more rodents and pests: Sliding glass doors are airtight when closed. So, the free access to rodents or pests is no more a concern. Closet with wooden doors gets easily damped and becomes an easy target for pest and rodent infestation. You don’t definitely want your beautiful closet and its contents to get damaged. So, switch to the smarter alternative and install sliding glass doors in your closet.

Get a stunning bedroom layout: Glass-door installed closets are the hottest interior trend these days. They look stunningly sleek and smart. Not to mention about the mirror glazed ones. They serve multiple purposes of closet doors and mirrors altogether. They also give your bedroom an illusion of bigger space. Love the modern open space living plan? Install glass sliding doors in your closet and you are all set!

Fabulous glass closets and where to find them!

glass closet doors

Glass closets or closets with glass doors can both found pre-installed and can be customized or order made as well. You can visit physical shops or online interior supplier shops like, and They have different types of sliding doors for closets and in built mirror glazed closets. Customizations are available in all of them.

Types of doors for closets and prices:

1. :

Privileges: Sizes are customizable, they provide a 10-years warranty and money back guarantee if you are not okay with your products. They ship within 2 weeks. Prices are inclusive of all the systems: tracks, doors and hardware. You won’t need professional installers for their products.

Product description:
Material: Clear glass, frosted glass, mirrored glass, milky glass, smoked glass.
Panels: up to 6.
Sizes and colors: Customizable. Standard sizes starting from 48” width х 80” height to 160″ width x 108″ height.
Price range: Starting from $799 to $2383.

2. :

Privileges: They sell mostly in-built mirror glazed or glass door installed wardrobes. Separate glass sliding doors are unavailable. They provide click and pick from the store service currently, home delivery services are also available starting from $3.90. You can track your order online from their portal. No expert help available for installation now. But, you can avail their furniture assembly service after buying any product.

Product description:

Material: Glass and wood combined wardrobes are available. Glasses can be clear, frosted and mirror glazed. Doors can also be a combination of folding doors, hinged doors and sliding glass. Glasses can be frameless and silver framed as well.

Panels: 2 to 3 panels.
Sizes and colors: can choose from their wide variety of collections. Size ranges start from width of 50-100 cm, height of 150-200 cm and depth of 20-40 cm.
Price range: $161 to $1383.

3. :

Privileges: They provide both virtual consultancy services and in-home consultancy for your closet installation. You can also buy necessary hardware for installation from the shop.
Product description:

Material: They have closet doors made of glass, wood, aluminum and other metals as well. You can buy any one or customize them in combination. Frosted glass, mirror glazed glass and aluminum doors are available. These doors come with frames.

Panels: 1, 2 and 3 panel doors available.
Size and colors: Mostly white, silver and mirror glazed. Sizes are customizable as per your needs, starting from 60” width and 80” height.
Price range: $358-$549 for 2 panel frosted glass closet doors. Mirror glazed doors range from $149 to $2232.

Sliding glass doors make your closet stand out among other extensions of your interior. Consider the privileges against the one time investment. Scrutinize the pros and cons of sliding doors from different companies. Buy the best one to have the best value for money. You won’t regret!