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Are Sliding Glass Doors Made Different?

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Whether it’s a complete renovation work or just changing a few things in the design of a house, doors are very important. They have a significant role in both interior and exterior architecture of your house. Their function is more complimentary to other beauty enhancer of any room of the house. And, while you are looking for some aesthetic yet useful doors as addition to your beautiful house, have a look over the sliding glass doors. They save your space and look quite elegant serving the purpose of renovation beautifully. Are all the sliding glass doors the same? Well, luckily, the answer is “No!” Now, let’s find out why?

Different types of glass sliding doors:

Among various kinds of doors, the sliding glass doors enhance the elegance of your house to a great extent. They can be used as doors for both the exterior and interior of your house. Let’s get to know some of them:

1. Patio Sliding Doors: True to their name, these doors are used as entrance to the patios in many houses. They are made of tempered glass, providing a nice view of the patio. They usually have different styles and designs. The most common patio doors feature one sliding door and a fixed panel, which serves as the entrance. It’s another function is to keep the rooms airy and well-ventilated. They look beautiful and are made in different exotic designs. So, if you are just looking for a beautiful exit to your deck, select the ornate ones. You can also install the tougher ones if you are in need of security too. Choose the right patio sliding door according to your budget and level of durability you want. They are quite easy to install after a few changes are made to the entrance. If you are not confident about your own carpentry expertise, any local expert can help you with them at a cheaper expense.

2. Bypass Doors: If you are looking for something to use in your closet or washroom, these doors are very handy. They perfectly fit into small places and are slid open while pushing the door to any side. They can be made of glass alongside metallic sidebars. Their tracks are placed on both the top and bottom. So, they are quite easy to install and operate. Being pretty cheaper as door renovation option, these doors are becoming popular very rapidly.

3. Sliding French Doors: They are one of the most popular and commonly used ones. Though traditional French doors operate with hinges, sliding French doors are also universally popular. So, if your target is having one or two versatile French door in your house, choose the sliding glass option as the most convenient ones.
4. Pocket Sliding Doors: Struggling with shortage of space? Another excellent option for smaller space is this kind of Pocket Sliding Doors. They fit in almost every space you want. Be it your small closet or storage box, they match small spaces perfectly. They are devoid of any hinges, so, anyone can operate them very easily. When you slid them open, they disappear into the wall of your house. You can also use them for your kitchen pantry or as entrance to your bedroom. These doors are mostly popular among people who love minimally designed houses in a small place. They are made of different materials and are very convenient as well as comfortable for everyday use. Being quite easy to install, they would cost you less if you want small renovation of your house.

5. Sliding Bi-Fold Doors: If you open these doors, they halve themselves. They save more space than the hinged doors. But, if you have a small house, you might only want to use them as an entrance to your kitchen or closet. They are not very suitable as front doors or for small bathroom doors. Having a real classy look, they are going to increase the style quotient of your house.

6. Shoji Doors: Now, living in a global village, many of us love to incorporate different cultures and habits into our mundane life. So, why not incorporate some global heritage in your house design! Shoji doors are originally part of Japanese cultural heritage. Now, they have become wildly popular for their exotic looks. The main design is made from wood and paper. To increase the durability, you can also make them from sliding glass and they will still serve the purpose pretty decently. Because of their unique designs, Shoji doors are now a day getting appreciation among aesthetic architects. Though traditional Shoji doors are made from paper, they lose durability quite fast. So, the smarter option will be keeping the structure same except for replacing the paper with the glass panes.

7. Accordion Doors: If you are low on budget and looking for cheaper alternatives, accordion doors are there for you. True to the name, the door can be folded and slid to one side when you open it. Various colors and different styles are available as options. They can be hung and give a clean as well as decent look to your house. So, if you are worried about the budget, choose accordion doors without hesitation.

8. Barn Doors: This kind of doors is popular in rural areas. They have different styles, but the sliding barn doors are the most popular ones. They are fitted very easily if you can install a bottom groove and an upper track at the doorway. They give better access than hinge operated doors. These doors are traditionally made of wood, but, you can also make them from sliding glasses. If you use them for garage and barns, choose tempered glass for them. This kind of glass is durable and capable of withstanding external pressure, temperature etc. So, barn doors are excellent example of beauty and strength.

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9. Sliding Glass Doors: (see this site) are usually made with aluminum and glass. They come in great variety, size and color. Doors22 sell the highest quality glass sliding doors which are made to last. In fact, Doors22 offer 10 years warranty but the way these doors are made, they will last decades without breaking. These doors need no maintenance, no care, they are really made simple but genius in design. You can choose any size and any variation of frame color, such as black, white, silver, etc. You can also choose different variations with glass – clear, frosted, milky, smoked or any color you wish. Please call Doors22 today to learn more – 1-866-756-7493.

The modern world is getting smaller day by day. Population of the world is increasing while the livable space is decreasing. So, minimalist designs of houses are getting wildly popular. In view of that, sliding glass doors are found to be very convenient as they take small space, yet serve the purpose beautifully. As we described the features of different types of sliding doors here, you can choose and install any one or all of them as per your convenience.

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