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L-Shape Office Dividers


We Ship Anywhere In Continental US
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
10 Years Warranty

Our L-Shape Office Dividers are a unique alternative to the traditional cubicle systems.  Choose from ready-made or custom-built – both of which feature safety glass. Our glass office partitions offer smart design, easy installation, 10 years warranty and affordable price.

We Offer Standard And Custom Sizes!

Click here for custom sizes

1. L-shape for a car dealer in Alabama


2. Clear glass office walls for an accounting firm in Pensylvania


3. Clear glass office system

L-Shape Office Walls

4. Frosted glass system in Tennessee

L-shape glass office walls

5. Frosted glass cubicle in Texas

Sliver frames, frosted glass, open air system

6. L-shaped Glass office wall

L Shape Glass Closet Doors

7. L- shaped clear glass for a logistic company in New York

Custom Glass Office Walls Fort Lauderdale FL

8. 2 sliding glass panels for an office in New York

Custom Glass Office Partitions Fort Lauderdale FL

Standard Sizes Price Sheet

We Can Custom Make It In Any Size!

Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 80"H $799
60"W x 80"H $931
72"W x 80"H $1063
80"W x 80"H $1151
90"W x 80"H $1261
96"W x 80"H $1327
108"W x 80"H $1459
120"W x 80"H $1591
144"W x 80"H $1855
160"W x 80"H $2031
Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 96"H $815
60"W x 96"H $983
72"W x 96"H $1151
80"W x 96"H $1263
90"W x 96"H $1403
96"W x 96"H $1487
108"W x 96"H $1655
120"W x 96"H $1823
144"W x 96"H $2159
160"W x 96"H $2383

The price includes the entire system: doors, tracks and all hardware.
We can help you find an installer in your area.

Click here for custom sizes

We Stand Behind Our Product!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

10 years warranty

Engineered for ultimate safety!

Top Quality!

Shipped within 2 weeks!

Standard & custom sizes!

Professional installer not required!

Smooth silent technology!

Shockingly low prices!

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