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We will work with you to match your décor and provide your business with a bit of style and privacy glass office walls, without sacrificing light.

We Offer Standard And Custom Sizes!

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Custom Glass Office Cubiles Fort Lauderdale FL

2. Glass office partition in Georgia

Custom Glass Office Fort Lauderdale FL

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L-shape glass office walls

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Sliding Glass Office Partition

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Glass Office Partitions

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Sliver frames, frosted glass, open air system

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Custom Glass Office Cubiles Fort Lauderdale FL

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Greatest Office Glass Partition Designs

Are you currently designing your office and interested in glass options? Go the modern route and try the frosted or clear glass partition walls from Doors22. Superb quality and chic, the glass wall partitions are well-suited for indoor spaces, both residential and commercial. You can ensure your office looks airy, bright yet organized at the same time with a solid glass partition divider in the middle. If you’re looking for innovative glass cubicle ideas such that the work spaces are separate but don’t look congested, these glass partition dividers would work just as great.

Keep your office looking modern and serious at the same time by opting for frosted, milky or smoked glass office panels. Not only are these nifty and practical, they make your office look instantly better. The glass is easy to take care of, and hence no matter how many of these glass partitions you get, your office staff can wipe them clean easily.


Most offices today are looking to change the old unappealing look and to create a more modern look to stay ahead of the competition. This requires some planning as well as understanding how the glass office partitions will affect your space. So, having partition walls made of glass is more convenient, practical and appealing then the old way of dull cubicles from the 70’s. Glass office walls provide more flexibility for your office, conference rooms and workstations. Our smart-system provides a perfect solution for your modern-look office with our aluminum and glass partitions that are inter-lockable into place with a simple latch. The following are some of the benefits you get when installing our system.

Cost-effectiveness: Our system is the most price-friendly on the market and cost a fraction of solid glass systems while providing the same, if not better look. In addition, if you ever decide to move into another office, you can easily dismount our system and transport and install it in a new office. If you want one time investment paying value for the long time, then our glass office is the answer.

Privacy: Our glass partition walls provide perfection privacy solution with either half tinted glass or full tinted glass options. The glass tint comes in great variety such as frosted, milky, smoked as well as other colors. You can also choose several options for your frames, such as black, silver or white.

The design: We also offer several designs for your partitions which are achieved with mullions, such as shoji, continental and trio. This will give it most modern and appealing look.

Size: What separates us from other glass office systems is the custom size. We can create virtually any size glass partitions desire. Our standard size glass partition walls come in 8 or 9 feet but we can go up to 11 feet if needed. The width too can be custom as per your office design.

Generally speaking glass office will provide abundance of natural daylight, decreasing dependence of artificial lights. This proves to be a lot better for your employees to work with the natural light as one of the factors, they will get less tired. Also, it allows light to pass from one room to another. So, the cost of power consumption will be cut considerably as well. Natural light atmosphere is proven to promote the health and well-being since the beginning of creation. So, the productivity of your employees as well as your office will definitely increase.

Standard Sizes Price Sheet

We Can Custom Make It In Any Size!

Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 80"H $799
60"W x 80"H $931
72"W x 80"H $1063
80"W x 80"H $1151
90"W x 80"H $1261
96"W x 80"H $1327
108"W x 80"H $1459
120"W x 80"H $1591
144"W x 80"H $1855
160"W x 80"H $2031
Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 96"H $815
60"W x 96"H $983
72"W x 96"H $1151
80"W x 96"H $1263
90"W x 96"H $1403
96"W x 96"H $1487
108"W x 96"H $1655
120"W x 96"H $1823
144"W x 96"H $2159
160"W x 96"H $2383

The price includes the entire system: doors, tracks and all hardware.
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