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9 Fantastic Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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Are you tired of endlessly searching to find the right appliances and cookware in your kitchen? If you haven’t spent the time to figure out the ways to organize your kitchen that work for you and your family, you have probably been in this frustrating situation. The good news is that there are several ways to organize your kitchen that make this a thing of the past, so it can be a sanctuary for cooking and entertaining.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Pantry

One of the ways we help you create the perfect organizational system is by offering glass kitchen pantries. These Doors22 pantries come in all sorts of sizes so you can order one that fits right into your kitchen. If our standard sizes don’t quite hit the mark for you, we also do custom work in whatever capacity is appropriate for you. On top of that, the glass kitchen pantries come with a 10-year warranty so you can count on them for ages.

The reason a glass kitchen pantry is such a good choice is that it takes up extraordinarily little space, can make your kitchen seem larger than it already is, and lets you organize all your items and keep them out of sight. This allows you to have a kitchen that is spotless and uncluttered when you have guests over for dinner.

2. Consider Sorting Your Kitchen Items By Color

While you might be storing all your other appliances and kitchen tools in a glass kitchen pantry, that doesn’t mean those items shouldn’t look good. If you aren’t sure of a way to organize your kitchen, consider doing it by color. It will not only help you find the items you need when they’re required but also make your pantry feel like a work of art when someone else steps inside.

3. Organizing Items By Height Can Help Save Space

Both in your cabinets and your new glass kitchen pantry, you’re going to want to place items of all different sizes and shapes. One of the top ways to use up all the space you have is by organizing things according to their height. When you place items that are a similar height next to each other, the shelves can be just a bit higher to accommodate them. This means you aren’t wasting space with a few small items and one that is large to necessitate a larger shelf.

4. Magnets Can Be a Kitchen’s Best Friend

Whether you use them in the overall kitchen or the pantry, magnets make a great way to organize items that are made of metal. For instance, metal spice racks can be mounted on one of your walls or even under a cabinet, so you use spaces that would otherwise be bare. There are also magnetic knife strips and other items that help you keep things organized, so making dinner every night will be a snap.

5. Group Items According to What Their Use Is

One of the things you will want to do once you have your glass kitchen pantry is unload all your cabinets to rearrange things. We’ve mentioned a few grouping options above, but another common one is by use. For instance, all the items you use to bake cakes or cookies can be placed in one area. Another spot can be used for cooking items. You can even have a specific area for the seasonal items that you rarely use.

Put the items that you use on the most regular basis near the area where you cook and place items that are used less often farther away. This will make it more convenient to make a meal since the things you need the most will be right there waiting for you. This kind of way to organize your kitchen can completely change the way you use it.

6. Store Lids with Containers for the Best Results

Sometimes you find the perfect container to hold something, but you spend forever looking for the lid. This can also happen in the other direction, and it can make time in the kitchen a frustration. It’s easy to take care of this problem when you store the lids with the containers that they match. There’s no longer a need to dig through every cabinet or every shelf in your pantry when everything is right there together, ready to go.

7. Toss All the Things You No Longer Use

While adding a glass kitchen pantry can give you more space, that doesn’t mean you should avoid going through the kitchen for things you no longer use. When you have appliances that you haven’t picked up in years, they’re taking away space that could be utilized for something that is a staple of your kitchen. Make time to go through your kitchen and donate or toss out the things you are never going to use again.

8. Add Labels to Items in Your Kitchen Pantry

For the best organization your kitchen has ever seen, consider buying yourself a label maker or hand-making labels to go on things that don’t have them already. This is especially useful for ingredients like spices and herbs but can be used for all sorts of things. Even if you know what’s in every jar or bottle, that doesn’t mean everyone in the house does. Labels make it easy to grab what you need and make a meal without extra hassle.

9. Put Things Back Where They Go Each Day

So once you get organized, you’re going to want to keep things that way. The best way to do this is by putting things back where they go when you are finished with them. This might take up a little bit of time every time you use the kitchen, but you’ll never have to go through a full kitchen organization again since things will be where you want them to be.

Ready for That Glass Kitchen Pantry?

If you’re excited about the idea of a glass kitchen pantry, Doors22 is here to give you exactly that. We offer a wide selection of pantries that will change the way you use your kitchen. Whether you have a small kitchen, a massive kitchen, or something in between, we have a solution. You can see our products on our website or contact us with your questions.