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Major Differences Between Glass Cubicles

glass cubicles

In today’s world, the business industry as well as economic sources are expanding rather rapidly. However, the world does not get any more space. So, we are accommodating everything we have into the limited space. This is one of the most important problems in the modern world. Nevertheless, the solution has to be modern as well. Here comes glass to the rescue. We are using glass for doors, room dividers; even as small capsule like separate spaces called cubicles. Glass cubicles can be the finest solution for you, if you have a dilemma how to provide privacy as well as independent working place for your office employees. You can also use “see-through” cubicles for your home office, to create an elegant yet cozy atmosphere. So, there are few differences between different types of glass cubicles and their uses. We’ll get to know what they are now.

Glass Office Cubicles:

When you are planning to create a smart office space for your employees, there are few things you might need to understand. Though most of the people like open space office plan, you have to reconsider the factor personal space and privacy that your employees are going to need. Glass cubicles might be a better solution than the glass walled room dividers. The cubicles need much less space while providing elegant looks as well as privacy.

What you need to know before you install glass cubicles in your office is the amount of space you need to allocate. It’s likely that more than one cubicle will be installed. So, look at the bigger picture, how would your office look when you are installing certain kind of glass cubicles? Would it look congested and suffocating, or liberating yet providing proper personal working space? So, there are some points to be noticed before you buy and install them in your office.

Size: Calculate the total amount of office space as well as the number of employees you have. You’ll get an approximate idea of the number and size of the glass cubicles you need to install in your office to ensure adequate space and privacy for all of your employees.

Height of the workstation: After you have calculated the number and size of the cubicles, look for the height of them. If you are more inclined to open office space plan, choose the low-walled ones. If you need personal room like work stations and have sufficient space in your office, you can go for the high walled glass cubicles.

Layout: Consider the budget you have for this installation purpose, before you go and buy some latest designs of glass cubicles for your office. You can also install refurbished or used ones as per your convenience. Also, check whether you have adequate number of similar designs available or not. Otherwise, it might result into unintentional mismatch of office outlook.When you are planning to install glass cubicles in your office, it’s always better to look for some expert assistance of your building’s space planner to materialize what you want. There are various types of glass cubicles with different designs. From low walled glass cubicles to the high walled chamber like ones, you can install any of them as per your requirement.

Glass cubicles for office and their difference:

glass office

Low walled glass cubicles: These cubicles don’t represent the typical gray-scale picture you might be assuming while visualizing office glass cubicles. They are smart, sleek and modern in appearance. Their height rarely crosses 42 inches, from the ground level. If you are opting for ample natural light as well as the look of semi-open office space, this is the best option for you. It offers both privacy and provision for team work. It keeps the distraction away, still provides easy communication. You can also customize the cubicles with storage drawers and desks. Low walled glass cubicles take up small amount of space, so, you can easily incorporate new cubicles in the main design of your office in future, if the number of employees increases. Choose the glass cubicles which match the layout of your office to keep it all elegant.

Benching glass cubicles: This kind of glass cubicles is the smaller version of low walled ones. The work station might be the same, providing smaller private area. If you are in shortage of adequate office space, they might be your rescuer. Each cubicle provides only 15 square feet area of workstation. It might not provide enough privacy like a personal chamber or the low walled glass cubicles. The system is arranged as dividing a large table area with small optional glass partitions. The good side of the coin is it improves the communication among co-workers. Even, you can arrange instant meetings with the employees without them leaving their workstations. The drawback is lack of customized space for individual employee. But, the advantage of saving space is great. From the wide range of size and designs, choose the ones which fit your office requirements.

High walled glass cubicles: This is the best kind of glass cubicles that you would prefer if you want private workstations with all required privileges. If your office is spacious enough to ensure proper comfort zone for your employees, blindly choose this one. They are best for personal chambers, conference room, call centers and what not! You can choose any from the clear glass walled, frosted ones, frameless or framed ones as you find comfortable and appropriate for your office.

Glass Shower Doors:

Now days, glass shower doors are being wildly popular for secluding shower space at modern houses. Whether your homes is in a minimalist style or extravagantly spacious one, a glass shower doors can take the esteem of your shower or bathroom to a whole new level of style and elegance. It saves space as well as protects other part of your bathroom from unwanted splash of water. There is wide variety of glass doors you can use for shower.

The frameless clear glass door: Have a minimalist house? You’ll love frameless clear glass doors. They are customizable as per the dimension of your bathroom. Remember to use shower seals made of silicone for waterproofing purpose. With framed clear glass door you can also consider strengthening the wall of your glass shower cubicles using stainless steel or aluminum frame. Brass plating of the frame can also provide an excellent classic look of your shower.

Colorful lacquered glass: Want something bright and full of life? Get some vibrant colors to your shower with the colored lacquered glass cubicles. They are available in multiple color options. Choose something that soothes your eyes yet keeps the shower refreshing.

Glass doors with frosted glass: For those, who are concerned with privacy mostly, this kind of cubicles is the most convenient option. It keeps your shower cozy and private. Another advantage of this type of shower cubicle is it hides the water marks and can be cleaned pretty easily.

Glass cubicles are smart solution for the modern world problems. Whether you are on budget or running out of space, there is something for everyone. Now, as you have all the information about glass cubicles and their differences, get some installed at both of your office and home. This little investment will go a long way in beautification of wherever you set them up.

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Starting Your Own Property Renovation Business


It’s not uncommon to hear about property renovations and upgrades as investments by homeowners. Whether it’s installing new doors or another kind of alteration entirely, the idea is simple: Improvements like these raise the value of a home for a future sale. At the same time though, most homeowners aren’t doing renovations on their own. They’re paying for professionals to do the work.

For those with the know-how to handle property renovation then, this is a business opportunity. There are plenty of homeowners looking to have a variety of jobs done, which makes for a steady and reliable market. If starting a property renovation business is something you’re thinking about though, you’ll want to consider some of the following factors first.

Your Real Estate Market

Knowing the real estate market you’re operating in can give you a good idea of how homeowners view their properties. Have they paid a lot for those properties relative to people in other areas? Might they be hoping for high resale value in the future? To take Doors 22’s home state as an example, state-by-state home price rankings list Florida as the 20th most expensive state to buy a home in; median prices are right around $300,000. This means that generally, in a state-wide sense, Floridians make fairly significant investments in their homes. By extension, they likely find upkeep and renovations to be worth their while in the hopes of increasing value even further.

Boil that kind of understanding own to specific regions, cities, or neighborhoods, and you’ll have a good idea of where to market property renovation services.

How to Offer Affordable Changes

Even if you’re starting a property renovation business with the intention of marketing to wealthier homeowners, it will also be in your best interest to find ways to offer affordable and functional upgrades. In other words, you should save your clients the trouble of pricing out renovation options, comparing companies, and so on. Instead, go to them with suggestions for how to affordably and functionally upgrade their space. This will increase the likelihood of earning business and developing a good reputation (though you can certainly work in more involved and expensive projects now and then!).

How to Start the Business (Officially)

While a lot of businesses today are operated in a very casual manner, starting a property renovation business will mean taking a more official route. Potential clients will want to see that you have a real company, and your business will be more marketable for it. Fortunately, this ’’t require quite as much effort as you might guess. Sticking with our home state, starting a new LLC in Florida is a quick and straightforward job. All that you need to do is handle a few online forms that have to be submitted to the state, and your renovation business will be an officially registered LLC — and can market itself as such.

There are other structures you can look into as well, such as sole proprietorships or multiple forms of corporation. An LLC is the most common route for a new business though, and one that will provide you with the simple tax situation and scaling flexibility you want with a new company.

Jobs to Focus On

As you set about setting up your renovation business, you’ll also want to consider what kinds of jobs you’ll focus on or specialize in, if any. One way to do this is by considering the region you’re operating in. Sticking with Florida, for example, you might consider focusing on roofing and exteriors to help refresh homes impacted by harsh weather. Bedroom additions are also popular renovations in the state, due to growing families, retirement arrangements, and so on.

More generally, you might also consider remodeling payback, which is essentially how much different renovations are likely to pay homeowners back for their investment. Projects like stone veneers, door replacements, and deck additions top these lists — and homeowners tend to know it. By playing to this idea of value, you might just be more likely to gain jobs.

Hopefully these ideas have given you a few things to think about! It’s an interesting business to get into, and one that can be quite profitable if handled correctly. Keeping the above points in mind isn’t the whole effort, but it will help you get there.

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Make Affordable and Functional Upgrades to Your Home

sliding glass closet doors

Would you like to make some changes to your home to make it more aesthetically pleasing or more functional? Most people would like to find ways that they can make improvements to their homes, but they don’t want to break the bank while doing it. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make changes and upgrades to the home while keeping your budget under control. Below, we will be looking at some of the best options for you to consider. You will also find that you can do these on your own if you don’t want to hire someone to do it.

Add Some Glass Closet Doors

Sliding glass closet doors are a nice addition to a bedroom that will look better than the typical wooden sliders that are used in so many homes. Glass doors will provide a great aesthetic, and you can choose from clear glass, smoked glass, or milky glass depending on the look that you want to achieve and the amount of privacy you want for your closet.

There are even options for mirrored glass, which helps to make the room look bigger. It also provides you with an extra mirror that you can use when getting ready in the morning.

Keep in mind that you can use these types of doors in places other than the bedroom. Using glass doors like these could work well for storage areas that you might have in the basement, attic, a family room, or even in the kitchen as a pantry door. There are plenty of ways to use them. They are affordable and easy to install on your own, just like the partitions discussed next.

Separate Your Space Using Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are an ideal and cost-effective way to create separate spaces in your home. You can use the partitions as a way to create a separate room that you could use as an office. You can use them in lofts and studios as a means to create a different layout for your home. They are a nice addition to garages and basements that you want to turn into a multipurpose space, too.

When you need to have an added room in your home, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of an expensive remodel, adding a glass partition is a great solution. The walls are easy enough to add without needing to hire a professional. They look great, and you will find the same great selection of glass styles as you will with the glass doors.

sliding glass wardrobe doors

Create More Storage Space

You may also want to have some additional storage space in your home. Storage helps to ensure you don’t have a lot of clutter lying around the house. There are plenty of ways that you can add more storage.

Shelving can help, as can the aforementioned glass partitions and closet doors. When you are choosing ways to add more storage space, it’s important to choose options that will provide you with not just space, but also aesthetics that will match your home’s style.

Using coffee tables with storage space, nice storage bins, and under the bed storage can help you to get the clutter out of the way, while still having easy access to the items you need.


A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your home, and it’s something that you can do on your own. Painting a couple of coats in a room can typically be done in a weekend. If you have a lot of painting to do, you can spread it out over several weekends and weeknights.

While it takes some work, along with some tools, painting is relatively easy. Just makes sure that you are using drop cloths and that you learn some basic painting techniques so that it looks great once it is all dry.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the rooms that you can paint or even just the exterior of the house. If you want to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, consider painting the cabinets.

New Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

Another easy way to make some simple upgrades to your home that will take a matter of minutes is to change out the old and dingy plate and outlet covers. If you have recently painted a room, you might want to get covers and plates that better match the new paint, as well.

Change Out the Hardware on the Cabinets

One of the other easy and affordable ways to make some changes to your home is to change out the hardware on the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom cabinets. If you have an older home, you might have handles and knobs that are looking a little worse for wear. You can choose some new options that better suit your style and your rooms and change them out very quickly on your own. The holes are already drilled, and you will only be making replacements.

You will find that this little upgrade will pair well with others on the list like painting your cabinets and adding new switches and plate covers. Even though it might seem like a small change, it can help to improve the overall look of a room.

Start Making Your Upgrade Plan Today

Now that you have a few ideas that can help you get started on the upgrades to your home, you can make a list of the changes that you want to make. The options above are easy and affordable, and they could be a good option for your place.

Each property and owner is different, so you might find that some of the above options are more suited to your needs than others are. Whether you want to create new rooms in your house with glass partitions, or you only need to change out the old hardware on your cabinets, there are plenty of great options. The sooner you start the sooner you can enjoy your upgraded space.

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The Difference Between Glass Office Partition Walls

glass office

Modern offices change their way of operation as well as outlook quite frequently. But, the spaces they occupy remain mostly constant. So, having partition walls made of glass is more convenient than making them from concrete or solid wood. Glass office walls provide more flexibility to your workstation than wooden or concrete walls. They have a good number of benefits to make them a very good investment:

Benefits of glass office partition walls:

Cost-effectiveness: It’s undoubtedly more cost-effective than installation of permanent, solid concrete or wooden walls. If you want one time investment paying value for the long time, glass wall is the answer. They come in variety of designs with aesthetic outlook but in low cost. So, you are getting increased productivity with style in a comparatively inexpensive renovation idea.

Practical solution: Imagine installing an extravagant, solid partition right in the middle of your office space, resulting in the same and monotonous design of the office for the next 30 years. Do you really want something like that for your office? Hopefully, not! The characteristics of business demand it to change always. Similarly, its requirements also changes. The number of employees, the amount of spaces they would need; everything is variable. So, something permanent is not the smartest solution for office designing ideas. Rather, think about a practical solution like modern glass office walls, which are customizable and changeable as per your need.

Provides sufficient privacy: The provoking thought behind installing glass office partition walls is having adequate privacy for each employee. This proper partitioning ensures enough space and privacy for continuation of regular office work without disturbance from outside. Many people usually question the efficacy of glass office walls in providing proper privacy. In contrast to this popular doubt, frosted, soundproof and smoked glass walls can be easily used for office partitioning without hampering privacy.

glass conference

An aesthetic renovation idea: One of the most important renovation ideas that can increase the style quotient of your office is glass partition. It comes in different sizes, designs and styles. Choose something that would make your workplace look elegant and aesthetic. You can also use see-through stickers on them with the logo and key image of your office. This will also add brand value to your office layout.

Allows natural light: If glass office walls had one single advantage, it would be the allowance and abundance of natural light. If you are planning to install a solid concrete or wooden office wall, think again about it. Glass office walls provide access to natural daylight, decreasing dependence of artificial lights. Also, it allows light to pass from one room to another. So, the cost of power consumption will be cut into half almost. Natural atmosphere is proven to promote the health and wellbeing since the beginning of creation. So, the productivity of your employees as well as your office will definitely increase.

Different types of glass office walls:

There are various types of glass partitions available for installation in office. You can choose any one type or mix and match multiple as per your convenience.

Single glazed glass partitions: If you are low on budget and are looking for something sleek yet easy to install, this type of glass partitions are the best for you. They are easy to carry and install anywhere in your office without hampering natural light.

Double glazed glass partitions: They serve similar to single glazed partitions, just with better acoustic insulation. For those, who are more inclined to open space office yet want to keep the workspace free from outside noise, choose this type of glass partitions.

Acoustic glass partitions: This type of glass is specially made to provide better soundproofing facility than regular single glazed ones. So, you can use it in music studio or conference room for appropriate sound insulation. It will provide you the advantages of glass walls without noise or outside distractions.

Curved glass partitions: If you are bored of contemporary straight or box like glass partitions, choose this kind of glass to give your office layout a new dimension. Though, it might cost little higher than the regular straight or plain glass walls, the final output is worth every hassle.

Faceted glass partitions: Many find curved glass to be little costly. So, there is a budget friendly option, if you want to avoid box like partitions altogether. Faceted glass walls can be an excellent alternative to curved glass wall. It is thin walled, with a polygon arrangement which looks like a curve. So, the purpose is served at a lesser cost.

Fire rated glass partitions: Now a day, protection from fire is a key concern in many office spaces. So, you might get worried about it while installing glass walls in your office. Instead of ordinary glasses, choose fire rated ones for additional safety and security. They will provide you with required protection from fire without making it all clumsy with fire boards and safety doors.

Designs of glass office walls:

Framed glass walls: These are the most popular version of office glass partitions. People who like convenient designs with comfortable operation and cost effective installation process, usually prefer this kind of glass walls. If you are more concerned with keeping your office space private, framed glass walls should be on your list.

Frameless glass walls: In modern world, many people are more concerned with style and elegance when it comes to their personal office or business locations. They want the brand image value of their work. In this regard, frameless glass walls can be the smartest choice. They don’t have hard lined metal frames. With clear image and aesthetic outlook, they can give you the desired open plan office space vibe as well.

Modular glass walls: These glass walls are very convenient if you want something other than framed partitions. They are not much movable, but are pretty easily reconfigurable. You can keep the panels of the old one and reconfigure the whole layout newly again with experts. They have sections which are pre-fabricated. So, the installation cost is less than framed ones. Modular office partitions are beautiful as well as versatile if you can utilize them smartly.

Additional tips:

Use decorative or colored glass: If you can’t afford much fancier option, get the glass walls painted and colored with decorative posters and screens. This will serve both the privacy purpose as well as increase aesthetic value of the place at a cheaper price.

Use different types of doors: Make proper use of your investment with different types of doors. Look for sliding glass doors alongside pivot and swing doors.

Your workspace should be a place you and others would love to work at. So, make it beautifully productive with beneficial and smart investment like these modern glass wall partitions. They are differently made and can be installed differently. So, make the best use of your hard earned money.

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