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Commercial Office Design Trends From Doors22

commercial office design

If you are interested to create a modern commercial office design you will have to look into installing glass partitions in your office, conference rooms and cubicles. This design encourages flow of natural light and sense of transparency at the workplace. In addition, it creates a “stress free” environment for you and your employees. The trend now days for commercial office design is increasingly being used at co-working workplaces, both big and small across the globe.

Should you install glass partitions?

If you are creating a new office space you should strongly consider installing glass cubiclesfrom Doors22. It is the most feasible, quick and easy to install system. Glass cubicles and conference rooms are the latest trend followed by offices across the globe. Studies revealed that the average office sizes since the last decade has shrunk significantly by approximately 30%. This trend tends to coincide with interior glass meant of offices and its rising popularity when renovation and construction is concerned.

According to the industry experts, demountable interior glass offers great flexibility to property managers and owners. Installing them allows easy reconfiguration of the office space without much hassle or wasting time to accommodate tenant shifts or manpower. A few glass systems are designed to permit information to be projected or written on them. This only helps to promote and strengthen workplace connectivity. Moreover, being durable, interior glass requires very little maintenance when compared to a drywall.

commercial conference room design

Know the different types

Glass can be incorporated into conference rooms in various ways. You need to select a reputed, reliable and experienced company that offers and installs glass cubicles, partitions and slides. They should enjoy excellent reviews from past customers and known to offer superior quality interior glass walls. The five types are as follows:

• Folding & movable glass partitions
• Freestanding glass walls for conference rooms
• Conference room frameless glass walls
• LCD smart privacy glass
• Modular partition system

You can come across glass rooms in various sizes and shapes to meet your specific preferences and requirements. You can find easily different sized options like:

• 12×12 glass room
• 10×10 glass room
• 8×10 glass room
• 8×8 glass room
• 6×8 glass room
• 5×8 glass room

What expenses to bear to install glass at my workplace?

There are different factors that tend to determine the cost of installing glass at your workplace. Experts consider that frameless glass partition average price varies around $25 – $75 / sq. foot.
Please refer to our homepage where we publish standard size prices – https://doors22.com/.

Know the pros & cons of installing glass at the workplace

You need to take into consideration lots of aspects before making the final decision to select glass rooms for your office. First, focus on a few potential pitfalls and benefits to derive from its installation.

Pros of installing glass conference room in your office
• Energy savings
• Promotes more natural light
• Increased transparency
• Encourages open communication
• Less secrecy
• Provides better view of outdoors, on installation of glass windows

Cons of installing glass rooms at the office

• More distractions
• Reduced privacy
• Display feeling all the time
• Private conversation not possible
• Increased noise levels not allowing focusing on task in hand.
• Chances of walking into glass are more if not noticed on time.
• Lacking regular doors

commercial glass cubicles

Benefits of glass partitions in details

Lots of confusion and debate can be found concerning the disadvantages and advantages offered by glass partitions. Some managers feel that the highest efficiency at office can be achieved only by segregating teams. This can help avoid distractions and disturbances caused by other teammates. There are others who feel that installing glass partitions help promote interactive and lively ambiance thereby helping to derive optimum productivity. Some of the benefits offered are given below:

• Flexibility: It is one of the major benefits to be derived with the installation of glass office partitions. The room having traditional problems will not allow much of changing its existing layout to something preferred. Even if it does, it might prove to be costly and a tedious job. But glass partitions can be demounted effortlessly and can be moved to another place with ease. It is an amazing feature to have if you desire additional space or include a new segment within your office. Besides being easy, demounting the glass partition also does not incur any extra expenditure. It is possible to alter the office space layout periodically based on the prevailing circumstances and needs.

• Enhanced productivity: Glass partition installation in offices does help promote increased employee productivity. They are aware that their performance is scrutinized continuously by their seniors. Hence, to earn the rewards and perks, they put in their best efforts at all times. They are also noticed to be more diligent and sincere in their work. Clear glass panels discourage lazy employees in the office and boost accountability. This, in turn, contributes towards enhanced productivity levels. Glass partition installation also reduces noise pollution significantly. This is because some quality glass partitions are designed to be sound proof, thus reducing distractions while improving overall productivity.

• Efficient: With glass partitions allowing easy penetration of natural light from outside, dependence on electric lighting can be minimized. Besides saving precious money, it also allows protecting the environment. Thus, they are proven to reduce your company’s footprint while increasing energy efficiency.

• Easy maintenance: It is easy to maintain and clean glass partitions. Window cleaning solution that is commonly available in the market is sufficient to wipe the dirt, dust and stains off the glass panels. You are recommended to use microfiber cloth to ensure having a clean looking, treated glass panels.

• Privacy: It is wrong notion that employee privacy cannot be maintained in the office premises by installing a glass partition. Frosted treatment offers similar open plan feel. It ensures flow of natural light within the conference room, but without compromising privacy.

• Improved lighting: Workplaces these days have become small and lack natural light. This only results in staff fatigue caused by reduced workplace energy. Allowing natural light to flow through the glass panels ensures improved employee morale and health.

Installing the glass conference room at the office is sure to bring in lots of benefits. You should consult a professionals to ensure safe and correct choice and installation. Please call our office today – (305) 394-9922.

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Glass Office Cubicles

glass cubicles

There are several reasons for increasing popularity of glass office cubicles. Traditional office designs are noticed to be slowly fading away into history as entrepreneurs these days prefer fresh designs. They are more eager to experiment with bold things such as glass to promote more transparency at the workplace. The latest technology involving glass partitioning system, sliding glass walls and LCD privacy class are gaining prominence. Modern offices are found to lay emphasis more on collaboration than isolation. It also encourages natural light against those dreary fluorescents. Divided floors are giving way to open concept plans.

What benefits are derived by installing glass office cubicles?

glass office cubicles

Offices can now integrate the modern trends within their design with the installation of glass office partitions for conference rooms and cubicles. They do offer myriads of benefits concerning designing standpoint as well as to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

• Flexible configurations: Most glass cubicle partitions are designed to be dismantled easily and effortlessly. This means, it is possible to reconfigure or remove them quickly as and when required without incurring additional costs. With employees and offices require desiring change, it does make complete sense to create an environment that can be changed occasionally. The modern office is one that allows greater flexibility. It should open up the area to accommodate large gatherings or fit a small group thereby providing private space. On the other hand, traditional cubic walls once installed, it is not possible to reconfigure them based on the needs. Moreover, their installation is quite expensive.

• Modern design options: The modern office should be customized to perfection and to meet specific requirements. Such feeling can be derived by installing glass cubicle partitions. They tend to create an open space, thereby encouraging better collaboration while allowing private spaces. But traditional cubicles only encourage isolation. The environment here rather inhibits collaboration as strict boundaries are created between the cubicle walls. By contrast, glass cubicles tend to develop an open flow, thereby allowing unrestricted view of the office. Glass cubicles are known to offer users with almost limitless options. It is virtually possible to install the freestanding systems just about anywhere without any difficulty. Frameless systems do help to create that modern look that cannot be otherwise derived from traditional framing materials. Flexibility is derived with modular systems since it is possible to reconfigure or install them quickly. Easy entry/exist can be derived with sliding glass walls. It also allows creation of larger space as and when desired. Most of them can also be demounted when required without having to spend a fortune on remodels or wasting precious time. Such options present allow easy and quick design customization to meet specific office and space requirements. Glass cubicles also are available with doors. For additional privacy, it may be provided with wood doors or other viable door options. It includes barn doors meant for the modern farmhouse touch as well as to provide easy access. For low maintenance option, it will be wise to choose automatic or assisted close doors. They also allow convenient entry/exit from the cubicle. For sleek option, choose pocket doors. They are an amazing selection for offices having premium space.

glass office

• Enhanced creativity: Typically, traditional office cubicles are gray or tan in color, thereby providing that drab environment, thereby reducing creativity and excitement. But glass office cubicles when installed are bright and vibrant. They help develop highly creative environment. When glass cubicles are concerned, there are custom designs to select form. They reflect brand values while allowing light to penetrate through the glass, thus promoting an aesthetically pleasing environment. Such places also encourage collaboration and creativity, something crucial to boost employee productivity and morale.

• Sustainable: It is quite obvious to have LEED credits in mind while trying to design a new, sustainable office. It is possible to earn LEED credits in different ways. One effortless way is to introduce daylight all over the office space. But natural light flow is hindered in traditional office cubicles. This means, employees working will not be able to get a glimpse of the outside world. Moreover, even light will not pass through the exterior windows, thus creating a dull, gloomy place. But glass cubicles are just the opposite. They promote natural light flow right into the office middle through external edges. LEED credits can be derived by allowing daylight to connect with employees. At the same time, it is possible to create a beneficial space to enhance employee overall well-being and mental health. Glass office installations have the potentiality to reduce significantly electricity costs. The reason is it allows flow of natural light, thereby not requiring artificial lighting and warming the place during cooler months. Glass cubicles enhance office flexibility, employee sustainability, productivity and mental health. This is irrespective of the chosen designs.

• Supports culture of collaboration: Employees are required to find out if their colleagues are present or not to derive support. This is what is experienced in the workplace that has installed traditional office cubicles. But glass cubicles are more open and allow everyone to view inside the cubicle effortlessly. This kind of environment promotes easy connect of employees with their colleagues, even as they work. Such unobstructed view permits employees to view if their colleagues are free to take in ideas, suggestions or questions. This particular culture does benefit the entire office and increases overall work productivity. Moreover, employees can be expected to have high morale all the time as they are confident of getting support whenever required. Increased interaction supported by glass cubicles helps develop a strong work culture, thus allowing free flow of valuable ideas.

• Creates a bold statement: It is crucial to create a visual statement right from the time clients and employees walks into the office. Such environment influences their mind positively, thereby developing a strong connection between clients, employees and the company.

To conclude – installing glass office cubicles at the workplace is indeed a viable and affordable option. They are flexible and sustainable, thereby creating an environment that can be easily changed as per circumstances and needs. It also creates an appealing visual statement while promoting creativity.

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Sliding Glass Closet Doors by Doors22

sliding glass closet panels

Sliding doors used to be only for shallow closets, something that has been around for a long time but has a negative reputation. While sliding closet doors from the 1970s may appear to be out of date, modern design has introduced a variety of new, modern-looking, silent glass sliding systems. For example, Doors22.com offers a new age of sliding glass closet panels which are light-weight, silent sliding, never comes off the tracks, custom size systems with a variety of glass colors and frame colors to match your interior. Here are a few examples of how you may use sliding glass closet doors to add flair and functionality to your home.

Warmth with Sliding Closet Doors

Barn doors in dark turquoise or rich oak bring warmth to your space. They’re even a design feature. If you’re going to have to put sliding doors on your closet, make a statement with them! Barn doors have a track that runs above the door frame, so you won’t have to deal with a clumsy door frame track that makes it difficult to get to your clothes.

Metallic Doors Create a Masculine Environment

A metal sliding door provides any area with an industrial stylish appeal and may quickly turn a place from mundane to manly. A distressed metallic door, set against a deep blue or brown background, gives your guest room or master bedroom a completely different feel. Metal doors are very low-maintenance, and unlike wooden doors, they are not susceptible to chipping.
Metallic doors give off a masculine vibe.

A metal sliding door adds an industrial touch to any room and may rapidly transform it from humdrum to macho. Set against a rich blue or brown background, a distressed metallic door offers your guest room or master bedroom a whole distinct atmosphere. Metal doors require extremely little upkeep and, unlike wooden doors, are not vulnerable to chipping.

In small rooms, make the most of the available floor space.

In compact areas, planning your furniture arrangement might be difficult. You may need to cram all of your large pieces on the opposite side of the room to make a place for an outward opening closet door. With a sliding door, you have more flexibility in arranging your belongings. If you leave enough space behind a dresser, sliding doors will fit. Alternatively, you can leave the wall adjacent to your closet empty to benefit from a larger passageway even while the closet is open.

Superior durability and functionality

Sliding closet doors are no exception to how modern technology enhances almost everything.
The majority of older, less expensive sliding doors are built of heavier materials that need more effort to operate than modern, lightweight doors. When some of those older doors are opened and closed, the added weight makes them a little noisy. Visit the Organized Interiors store and test out one of our sliding closet doors to hear how quiet they are. You’ll note how easily they open and close as well. The quality of the hardware and components utilised in lower-cost doors is compromised. When compared to custom sliding doors, this results in a less gratifying user experience with the doors.

sliding glass closet doors

Customized Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can be customized to the client’s desire. The doors can be frosted, smoked, clear, milky or whatever glass type you want can be used to customize your door. We also provide the service of selecting a frame from our wide range of frame designs for your doors to make them resplendent.

Although sliding closet doors have been around for a long time, you can still personalize them. There is a set of doors to fit your décor and make your storage strategy easier whether you live in a modest country house or an urban loft. Contact us today to learn how a custom closet with the sliding doors of your dreams may help you complete your bedroom design in no time.

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Find Out Why Glass Sliding Doors Add Value to Your Property!

sliding doors

It is safe to assume that the world is always moving towards innovative ideas. From lanterns to solar lights, from boilers to furnaces and big wooden doors to sliding glass doors, people have modernized their homes and offices. Are you ready to level up your house? Are you ready to add property value? Then let’s take that next great step towards renovation and improvement of your old place. From saving space to saving bills through good insulation, sliding doors offer great benefits.

More Advantageous Than Anything Before

Remember the times when you had to transport heavy wooden doors and get them fixed with professionalism. Winters were a hazard when these wooden doors would get expanded and start squeaking. Well, the days of big wooden doors troubles are over. With innovation and modernization, sliding doors have brought great ease to the world. Wooden doors are not only heavy and hard to carry but also space taking. Sliding doors are fixed and hence easily solve space problems. Professional and expert sliding door manufacturers are now manufacturing lightweight sliding doors.

But what about the designs and color options that wooden doors offer? Well, we’ve moved on from creating simple and solid toned sliding doors. Professional manufacturers in the market are now offering a variety of color themes as well as designs for sliding doors. They make sure that the aesthetic value of these doors is maximized. Homeowners would install large ceiling to floor glass windows to enjoy the view outside and allow more sunlight to enter their houses. Well, sliding doors have now taken the approach a step further. Sliding doors can work not only as a partition between rooms and deck spaces but also as one between your shower areas and wardrobes.

These doors may be translucent or completely transparent depending on the design you are looking for. The aesthetic appeal offered by these doors is their most attractive value. Modern architectural trends equalize this innovation of doors. Their transparency not only allows more sunlight to enter the house but also brings in the scenery outside and makes your interior more attractive and satisfying.

Properties And Qualities

Companies are now offering lightweight sliding doors as well. These doors can be as light as your windows which makes their installation as well as usage easier. You might just wonder if that would decrease their durability? But some professional manufacturing companies offer you highly durable and strong sliding glass doors that are light in weight. From such executive companies, you may buy readymade glass doors or get your own custom-built ones. With changeable borders, you can add more designs to your sliding glass doors. Their smart designs make their installation and usage a lot easier. With the help of sliding glass doors, you get to make great usage of the space.

Insulation of your centrally heated and cooled offices, buildings and houses is a great issue. Various techniques/ hacks are used by people with wooden doors to try and maximize insulation. Sliding doors ensure proper insulation due to their design and fixed installation. Hence, you get to save on your bills too. Isn’t that just great! You get insulation, sunlight, space, durability and also designs, all through these sliding doors.

Especially in commercial buildings, where employees are more in number, glass doors help in offering a wider passage due to their greater width. This greater width of sliding doors also comes in handy when you have to move things from one place to another. They can be slid open as much or as little as you like. Hence, you get a chance to control the air ventilation in the house too. So, be ready to take your next great step towards innovation and get your sliding doors fixed.

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