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What do you get when you cross German engineering with Italian style? Stylish looks and world-class performance in a refined system that lasts for decades!

Sliding Glass Room Dividers For Your Home

glass room partitions

Several stylistic differences exist between contemporary and traditional home designs. Using available space is considered to be the biggest one. Traditional homes were more walled off, with each room providing that segmented feel. You may find a doorway even if there is absent a pocket or hinged door. During the 1970s, open-concept floor plan became popular where walls were broken down. Homeowners across the globe still seem to be interested in this plan. Home office today is found to intermingle with the living space and kids’ toys invading almost every room. The desire is fast growing among some homeowners desiring to retrieve some separation in their home styles. If this is what you seek, you can derive an amazing solution by opting for interior sliding doors.

Benefits derived from installing sliding glass room dividers

Such glass doors tend to combine the very best of contemporary and traditional floor plans. Keeping open the doors can enable deriving the open concept. You may close them to enjoy separation and privacy, but without getting that closed-off home feel. Such design flexibility does offer myriads of advantages to your home’s interior.

• Enhanced flow: Such doors when installed can save precious space, thereby improving flow within your home. There is no need to worry about people bumping into doors as they enter the room.

• Configurable space: The more time you spend in your home, it will require frequent changes to ensure enlivening the space. With time, a bonus room can be converted into a craft room, gaming room, toy room, office or bedroom. You may use the custom sliding internal door to split one room into two or divide them into room rooms. This way, you may come up with necessary adjustments in the existing floor plan, thereby meeting specific spatial requirements.

• Improved lifestyle: Doing some research will help you to come across different types of sliding doors that can fit perfectly your style. Using recycled wooden doors can help add some rustic aesthetic. Modern farmhouse feel can be derived by using barn wooden doors. However, if you seek openness as well as improve natural light, then you should opt for patio doors. They offer similar benefits within the home similar to what is offered on the exterior wall. It offers beauty, style and functionality. Several features also exists that can be selected to fit seamlessly the interior design.

• More natural light flow: The typical traditional homes are found to have more number of windows in almost all the rooms. Modern interior design combined with contemporary style feature unobstructed, larger windows or glass walls. Natural light might not be able to reach the home’s interior parts or perhaps, lighting might be imbalanced. This is more so if plenty of light is present on your home’s south-facing side and quite little on its opposite side.
Therefore, by incorporating a superior quality sliding glass door rather than a wall or solid doors will benefit immensely. Natural sunshine can enter your home more freely.

Top ideas on sliding glass room dividers

sliding glass room dividers

You may assume the sliding glass interior door to be a see-through, movable wall. Then imagine the place where you can place them. Such doors when placed carefully can help unite as well as divide rooms. Countless ways can be used to use them strategically. They can connect or break up the living space as desired. Some of the top ideas are given below:

• Pair two parallel glass sliding doors: Seamless transition can be created by incorporating patio doors between outdoors and indoors. Running two parallel to one another can help open up more space in the home, thereby creating free-flowing space. This will allow sunshine to flood through the sliding glass door to reach even the corners of the rooms.

• Using sliding glass doors to separate the sunroom: The sunroom or three season room can be applied with similar concept. Sliding glass doors can be installed in the sunrooms while others may have thee window walls. The interior sliding glass door can be kept open in different seasons to access easily the sunroom. Be it excessively hot or cold, doors should be closed to preserve precious energy efficiency. It also helps maintain the sights while natural sunlight fills up the three season room.

• Private space to play or work: Constructing a bonus room in the basement or first floor will prove to be useful in various ways. You may use the door as a separator. Installing a handle will allow your bonus room to be converted into a private playroom for your kids. Thus, you can ensure that your children do not get hurt or injured as they play. You may also convert this room as your home office and effectively shut out noise.

• Divide the large room: You may use a single room for various purposes. However, partitioning an open, large room with lots of furniture will only make it appear clunky and crowded. It is likely to disrupt the flow. Using dividing sliding doors can help split this big room into two rooms, thereby creating natural separation.

If you are looking for elegant options, then multi-slide doors are the right choice. They can help derive a unique dining rooms carved from the open concept kitchen. Your floor plan also derives optimum flexibility. Close the room completely. Place just a couple of closed panels or simply tuck the doors within their pockets to derive fully open concept plan.

Interior slide door installation

When solving design problems, you should come with some innovative thinking. Standard sliding glass door styles can be a wonderful choice. You may also consider availing professional opinion as well as installation. Several considerations are to be made for how and where to place the sliding glass door within the home. For instance, most walls are found to be load-bearing. This limits the interior sliding door placement and size. It is important to ensure that the door and wall offers your home’s structure with essential support. This may however, limit your available options.

Choose the sliding glass room dividers wisely and make sure to get it installed by certified professionals to derive the benefits.

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Custom Glass Wardrobe Doors

glass wardrobe doors

Tips to select custom glass wardrobe sliding doors within your budget. Perhaps, you are fascinated by glass wardrobe sliding doors and want to install one in your bedroom. You can find them made of different materials, design and prices. It is possible to customize the design to suit perfectly your room interiors.

Cost involved

Custom glass wardrobe doors cost consists of two parts, namely:
• Door cost – sliding or hinged doors.
• Wardrobe carcass cost (wooden box) excluding doors.

Why choose sliding door wardrobes?

Sliding glass doors are considered to be a popular option for wardrobes when compared to hinge doors. This is because, sliding doors are highly customizable. They can easily match your set budget and interior aesthetic requirements. You can come across a wide range of materials to choose form. With some innovative ideas, you can combine them to derive budgeted objectives and desired aesthetics.

What factors influence wardrobe sliding door cost?
• Decorative insert panels. They are fitted within the sliding door profiles.
• Sliding door hardware features and quality
• Siding door profile colors and surface finish

Know siding door profile colors and surface finish types

Generally three types are commonly used like:

• Powder Coated Aluminum / Steel Profiles: This coating type is generally applied the form of free-flowing dry powder. Electrostatic technique is used for applying the coating. Then it is cured under heat for skin formation. It is possible to carry out powder coating on aluminum and steel profiles. Both are however, susceptible to discoloration resulting from UV exposure as well as peeling off. This occurs if well process is not used.

• Electrophoresis Aluminum Profiles: It is rather an aluminum surface profile finish, also known as electrophoretic coating or e-coating. ‘Electrophoresis’ is stated to be the procedure to attain desired coating color. This is done by immersing aluminum profiles within an electrified tank comprising of the desired paint. This type of surface finish comes with amazing impact resistance and also popular due to its glossy finish.

• Hard Anodized Aluminum Surface Profiles: Anodizing is stated to be an electrochemical procedure to transform aluminum metal surface to durable, decorative anodic oxide finish. The profiles are adequately protected due to hard anodization and boasts of being scratch and higher wear resistant. It also is known to improve aesthetic qualities while offering a popular and durable surface finish. Such door profiles do come with an elegant and amazing looking MATT surface finish. Interior designers the world over recommend this type to their clients. Specialized factories fabricate and manufacture such superior quality sliding doors. You can also come across Hard Anodized Aluminum sliding doors in various exiting colors.
You need to undertake a thorough research on the above-given wardrobe sliding door profile variants. When comparing all the three, you are sure to find hard anodized aluminum profiles to be the very best. They give out that modern look while being manufactured from superior quality materials. Moreover, they are a bit more expensive than the other two. Hence, you need to understand your requirements, budget set and preferences before finalizing the type to choose for your home.

Custom glass wardrobe doors features and quality

Wardrobe sliding doors are known to use the following major hardware elements like:
• Lock
• Soft close mechanism
• Bottom & top track rollers

Their cost is likely to vary based on the selected hardware features and quality. Hardware feature and quality is what determines the sliding doors’ durability and functionality features.

Soft Close Mechanism

Wardrobe sliding doors are provided with pneumatic soft-close mechanism to ensure sound-free and smooth door closing. Thus, it offers users with high-end product feel and also makes the door to last long.

Bottom & Top Track Rollers

Rollers are considered to be the very heart for sliding doors. Generally, they lie hidden within the sliding doors and hence, visually seen or even discussed. However, it is the rollers that determine the sliding doors’ functional life and smoothness. You should purchase customized glass wardrobe and closet doors only from reputed manufacturers. The reason, well-established manufacturers test their products in their R&D labs. They also specify the number of cycles it will last and be reliable.

Unique anti-jump features present in the rollers are what prevent it from emerging out of its track, thereby ensuring safety. The rollers are also offered with door height adjustment features to allow proper door adjustments. Thus differences arising in wardrobe floor levels combined with minor carpentry issues are taken care of.


Integrated lots designed in the wardrobe door are meant to offer the user with additional security. Such profiles are also popular used to create openable shutters.

Decorative insert panel

You can also find a variety of interesting decorative panel materials. You should get something that matches perfectly your aesthetic preferences and sliding wardrobe door design. Glass-based insert panels typically are quite expensive when compared to wood-based.

Mirror and glass-based inserts have become popular the world over. This is because of its easy maintenance and rich glass glossy feel. You can find mirrors and glasses of different designs and colors. They can be mix-matched to derive unique aesthetic designs.

Such panels meant for sliding wardrobe doors are categorized below:
• Laminated MDF
• PLPB (Pre-laminated Particle Board)
• Wood-based panels

• Copper mirror
• Gold mirror
• Bronze mirror
• Plain mirror

• Designer glass
• Colored glass
• Figured glass
• Tinted glass
• Glass having custom graphics
• Fluted glass

Mosaic highlighters

Generally, decorative insert panels get used along with innovative glass inserts to provide dramatic designs.

Glass sandwich panels

Fabrics and wallpapers are sandwiched in this type between two glass panels. Thus, it forms unique wardrobe sliding door designs. Different insert panels are also combined to derive unique expression.

Doing some research will help you to come across door patterns indifferent designs. There are easily available multiple door designs to choose from. Such patterns do provide the freedom to combine insert panel material of choice to match perfectly your desired aesthetic preferences. Also, you can be assured of getting custom glass wardrobe doors within your set budget.

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Glass Partition Walls for Modern Homes Or Offices

glass office system

Whether you are an office owner, a homeowner, or an architect/interior designer who is looking to save space by all means for their office, home, or client, respectively, one thing to must-have is the space-savvy glass office partitions system. The glass walls will not only save much of your room space when opened or closed but will also enhance the entire look of your office or home’s décor.

We acknowledge this need of yours and have come up with the options of various space-savvy glass doors that will enhance your interior’s look and provide the primary purpose that you are looking for, i.e., save space.

Here are some of the sliding glass options that you can opt for, along with their advantages:

Glass Barn Doors:

The glass barn doors are a great option if you have limited space and don’t want to have a rail on the floor. This is a very trendy and popular option these days to accommodate small openings such laundry, pantry or small bathroom doors. Barn doors usually are very smooth as they offer a top railing system and an individual glass panel, the hardware on top to hold the door, a barn door track, and wheels to move them back and forth. Here are the benefits of having glass barn doors:

Benefits of Glass Barn Doors:

• Due to their modern look, they give an aesthetic look to the whole interior.
• The design is very durable.
• Due to the glass used, there is no stoppage to the natural light entering the room.
• Loads of space are saved compared to the conventional doors.
• It can be installed anywhere.

Glass Bifold Doors:

The glass bi-fold doors are a great addition to your decorative interior, especially when you are looking to save much of your room or office space. It is one of the most effective and aesthetically appealing options to have them installed in your homes without compromising on space even a bit. Here are the benefits of having glass bi-fold doors:

Benefits of Glass Bifold Doors:

• They fold right back so you can easily enjoy outer space even when you are inside.
• The glass bi-fold doors allow the natural sunlight to enter your home, so you don’t have to worry about the darkness even when the doors are closed.
• They cause no disturbance to the natural flow of the place where they are installed, as when opened, the bi-fold doors take very little space.
• They have a multi-point locking system, so they offer greater security as compared to conventional doors.
• The bi-fold doors are pretty easy to clean as they don’t have multiple panes.

Glass Sliding Doors:

Whenever someone thinks of replacing conventional doors with the more modern and space-savvy option, the sliding doors are the first option to come to mind. Moving to the sliding doors can be a brilliant move as they are not only aesthetically appealing but come with several functional benefits. Here are the benefits of having glass sliding doors:

Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors:

• The glass sliding doors are excellent insulators that ensure that your homes remain cold in summers and warm in winters.
• The sliding doors come with large continuous panels that allow you to enjoy the outside views to the fullest.
• The glass sliding doors can be made of shatter-proof glass, making them a pretty safe option to get installed.
• There is no extra space required for the door arc, which makes them space-savvy.
• They are effortless to function as they quickly move on the sliding door rails.
• They have an aesthetically appealing look, so they add style to your interior décor to the fullest.

Glass Pocket Doors:
If you are bored of seeing glass sliding doors everywhere and are looking for a better alternative, the glass pocket doors are your go-to options. These kinds of doors disappear when opened into the compartment made on the adjacent walls. Here are the benefits of having glass pocket doors installed:

Benefits of Glass Pocket Doors:

• If you are looking to have a door that provides space-savvy factors to the fullest, the glass pocket doors will do the job as they completely disappear into the adjacent wall, unlike conventional or sliding doors.
• Glass pocket doors will save not only the floor space but also space on the wall.
• They are an excellent and stylish alternative to the sliding and conventional doors because of the sleek aesthetics they have to offer.
• The glass used in these doors allows the natural light to enter to the max.
• The pocket doors are safe for the children as there is no risk of their fingers sticking into the hinges.

Places to install Space-Savvy Doors:

Now that you know about the best options that can serve to be alternatives to the conventional doors and provide aesthetics and take lesser space, you must be wondering where to install such doors to save the space to the maximum. Here are the options where you can get space-savvy doors installed.

• There are various closet cabinets used in the kitchen which will take much of the space if your kitchen is small. It is sensible to move towards glass sliding panel doors to get rid of much space taken.
• You can have the glass bi-fold doors used for the bedrooms that will allow you to bring the outside of your bedroom in. You can even install them to have views of your garden while remaining in your bedroom much more feasible.
• Opt for the sliding closet glass doors to not only add aesthetics to your home but also save much space, which the conventional closet doors don’t have to offer.

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Sliding Glass Office System by Doors22

glass office system

The demand for sliding glass office systems is ever increasing because of the exceptional interior features this system offers. Sliding glass office systems have now been trending for offices of all sizes because it enhances the interior of the office, allows for a natural light and very cost effective for both commercial and residential spaces.

The glass sliding door systems in your office can include a single sliding door, double sliding door, working sliding wall panels systems or any shape and/or configuration you choose. Why the sliding glass office systems are getting much importance, you may wonder. It is because these systems allow smooth flow of clients and employees even when they are fitted in a small doorway or pathway of the office.

Types of Sliding Doors for Sliding Glass Systems:

Here are various types of sliding doors that you can use for creating your sliding glass office system:

Single Sliding Doors:

As the name implies, the single sliding doors are mounted on a single track. What makes them unique and different from other doors is the fact that they can easily be moved inside a wall and be hidden, or you can decide to slide them beside the wall and be visible. The latter one will make the door visible; however, space is opened up completely so that none of the views are blocked or disturbed.

Straight Sliding Doors:

If you want to replace the hinged or pivot doors in your office with the most suitable and feasible options, the straight sliding doors are the answer. These doors offer the same functionality as the pivot or hinged doors. Additionally, they do not need additional space as they occupy the same space as the said doors with a minimal operational footprint.

Bi-parting Sliding Doors:

This one is a bit different and offers different features than the types discussed previously. The bi-parting sliding doors do come with one track system; however, two doors need to be pushed either at the center on the left or right to open such kinds of sliding doors.

Benefits of having a Sliding Glass Office System:

While you may be thinking about how sliding doors in your office may benefit you, we have all the benefits covered:

The Sliding Doors are Energy Efficient:

If you have finally decided to include a sliding door in your office, know that one of the significant benefits they have to offer is efficient insulation. Sliding Doors have such excellent insulation property, keeping your office warm in winters and cool in summer.

However, if you are looking for the best thermal insulation options, the sliding doors that are equipped with composite gaskets will do the job. Not only this, the sliding door act as weather and sound barrier and helps in keeping the rain and dust out of your office.

They save space:

The sliding doors are an excellent choice if you are looking for door options to save space in your office. Not only do they slide on one track and consume much less room than the conventional doors, but they also allow ample light to enter your office and give an amazingly modern and aesthetic look that you must be looking for. Additionally, the entrance of more sunlight allows your office to become more energy efficient.

sliding glass office system

Encourage Productivity:

Ever got disturbed because of the sound that conventional doors make? Well, your problem is definitely solved with the sliding doors. Meetings and collaborations in an office are super frequent, and the use of sliding doors offers a great benefit of producing low sound when opened or closed.

This feature helps create privacy and keeps clients and employees focused on their work rather than getting their attention diverted when the door is opened or closed. This factor, as a result, increases the productivity of the employees to a significant extent.

The sliding glass system is versatile:

While the sliding partitions in an office fulfill a variety of aesthetic requirements, they are also an excellent option if you are looking to add some versatility to your office. The sliding system can be paired with any kind of interior design and architectural style. Through sliding glass systems, you can easily create your office to be well-organized along with encouraging collaboration, productivity, and style creation.

Sliding Doors are Silent:

You can’t slam sliding doors even when you want to, so that’s a win-win situation. Just because they are extremely quiet and straightforward to be opened and closed, they require much less maintenance as compared to the conventional doors.

You only need to put your efforts into keeping them clean, and even that doesn’t require much. All you need is a sponge, soapy water, and a clean and soft cloth to get the job done.

Safety is Enhanced:

Previously it was presumed that the sliding doors might not be a feasible or safe option to be installed in an office because of the frequent use of doors. However, this is not the case anymore. In recent times, toughened glass is used to create sliding doors that can’t be quickly shattered. Now, the sliding doors are a go-to option if you are looking for installing glass doors that are safe.

Types of glasses used in Sliding Office System:

Here are the types of glass you can opt for when going to include a sliding system in your office:

• If you want the glass to be opaque and transparent at the same time, switchable smart glass is the answer. This type of glass allows the sliding doors to turn from transparent into opaque with the flick of a switch. This is a tremendous innovation that is made for the sliding doors so that privacy is provided on demand.

• Tempered glass is mostly used for sliding doors to enhance their strength and durability. The standard glass is put through thermal and chemical treatments, which as a result, enhance its strength.

• Reflective glass is suitable for sliding doors when you want the light to enter your office but throw away the heat entering. This provides moderating interior temperature and gives thermal comfort. One significant benefit, you will not need to use blinds anymore to reduce the solar glare entering your office.

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