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Sliding Glass Office System by Doors22

glass office system

The demand for sliding glass office systems is ever increasing because of the exceptional interior features this system offers. Sliding glass office systems have now been trending for offices of all sizes because it enhances the interior of the office, allows for a natural light and very cost effective for both commercial and residential spaces.

The glass sliding door systems in your office can include a single sliding door, double sliding door, working sliding wall panels systems or any shape and/or configuration you choose. Why the sliding glass office systems are getting much importance, you may wonder. It is because these systems allow smooth flow of clients and employees even when they are fitted in a small doorway or pathway of the office.

Types of Sliding Doors for Sliding Glass Systems:

Here are various types of sliding doors that you can use for creating your sliding glass office system:

Single Sliding Doors:

As the name implies, the single sliding doors are mounted on a single track. What makes them unique and different from other doors is the fact that they can easily be moved inside a wall and be hidden, or you can decide to slide them beside the wall and be visible. The latter one will make the door visible; however, space is opened up completely so that none of the views are blocked or disturbed.

Straight Sliding Doors:

If you want to replace the hinged or pivot doors in your office with the most suitable and feasible options, the straight sliding doors are the answer. These doors offer the same functionality as the pivot or hinged doors. Additionally, they do not need additional space as they occupy the same space as the said doors with a minimal operational footprint.

Bi-parting Sliding Doors:

This one is a bit different and offers different features than the types discussed previously. The bi-parting sliding doors do come with one track system; however, two doors need to be pushed either at the center on the left or right to open such kinds of sliding doors.

Benefits of having a Sliding Glass Office System:

While you may be thinking about how sliding doors in your office may benefit you, we have all the benefits covered:

The Sliding Doors are Energy Efficient:

If you have finally decided to include a sliding door in your office, know that one of the significant benefits they have to offer is efficient insulation. Sliding Doors have such excellent insulation property, keeping your office warm in winters and cool in summer.

However, if you are looking for the best thermal insulation options, the sliding doors that are equipped with composite gaskets will do the job. Not only this, the sliding door act as weather and sound barrier and helps in keeping the rain and dust out of your office.

They save space:

The sliding doors are an excellent choice if you are looking for door options to save space in your office. Not only do they slide on one track and consume much less room than the conventional doors, but they also allow ample light to enter your office and give an amazingly modern and aesthetic look that you must be looking for. Additionally, the entrance of more sunlight allows your office to become more energy efficient.

sliding glass office system

Encourage Productivity:

Ever got disturbed because of the sound that conventional doors make? Well, your problem is definitely solved with the sliding doors. Meetings and collaborations in an office are super frequent, and the use of sliding doors offers a great benefit of producing low sound when opened or closed.

This feature helps create privacy and keeps clients and employees focused on their work rather than getting their attention diverted when the door is opened or closed. This factor, as a result, increases the productivity of the employees to a significant extent.

The sliding glass system is versatile:

While the sliding partitions in an office fulfill a variety of aesthetic requirements, they are also an excellent option if you are looking to add some versatility to your office. The sliding system can be paired with any kind of interior design and architectural style. Through sliding glass systems, you can easily create your office to be well-organized along with encouraging collaboration, productivity, and style creation.

Sliding Doors are Silent:

You can’t slam sliding doors even when you want to, so that’s a win-win situation. Just because they are extremely quiet and straightforward to be opened and closed, they require much less maintenance as compared to the conventional doors.

You only need to put your efforts into keeping them clean, and even that doesn’t require much. All you need is a sponge, soapy water, and a clean and soft cloth to get the job done.

Safety is Enhanced:

Previously it was presumed that the sliding doors might not be a feasible or safe option to be installed in an office because of the frequent use of doors. However, this is not the case anymore. In recent times, toughened glass is used to create sliding doors that can’t be quickly shattered. Now, the sliding doors are a go-to option if you are looking for installing glass doors that are safe.

Types of glasses used in Sliding Office System:

Here are the types of glass you can opt for when going to include a sliding system in your office:

• If you want the glass to be opaque and transparent at the same time, switchable smart glass is the answer. This type of glass allows the sliding doors to turn from transparent into opaque with the flick of a switch. This is a tremendous innovation that is made for the sliding doors so that privacy is provided on demand.

• Tempered glass is mostly used for sliding doors to enhance their strength and durability. The standard glass is put through thermal and chemical treatments, which as a result, enhance its strength.

• Reflective glass is suitable for sliding doors when you want the light to enter your office but throw away the heat entering. This provides moderating interior temperature and gives thermal comfort. One significant benefit, you will not need to use blinds anymore to reduce the solar glare entering your office.

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When You Want To Allow Natural Light In

glass room divider panels

The entrance of natural light into your homes and offices plays an important role in keeping the environment warm and bright. However, when you opt for glass room divider panels to do the job, particular concerns are related to privacy.

There are several types of glass for the glass room divider panels that will allow the natural light to enter to the fullest and maintain the privacy of the room you are in is quite essential. This article will specifically cover the types of glass you can apply to maintain your privacy, get natural light along with adding aesthetics to your interior.

Types of Glass Divider Panels:

These are the glasses you can opt for to get your glass panels made to take full advantage of natural light along with maintaining your privacy:

Textured Glass Panels:

If you are looking for something aesthetically appealing along with maintaining your privacy to the fullest, the textured glass doors are the best options. These types of glass doors have a pattern or a texture impressed into the panels to give them a decorative look.

Benefits of Textured Glass Panels:

• You can use textured glass walls when you don’t want your privacy to get disturbed. They are incredibly successful in distorting the view from the outside because of being almost opaque.

• While maintaining privacy, these glass separators allow the natural light to enter the room or office without any stoppage.

• They also help in increasing the visual ambiance of the interior.

• Comes with various texture choices so that you can choose the best one to go with the entire look of your house or office.

Frosted Glass Sliding Walls:

The translucent glass sliding panels come with a frosted appearance, and this effect is given to the plain sheets of glass through acid-etching and sandblasting. Due to one side being covered with the marked surface, the panels are responsible for blurring the images.

glass room divider frosted

Benefits of Frosted Glass Sliding Doors:

• The frosted glass doors are effortless to clean, and you can clean them with just a piece of clean cloth.

• Although being translucent, the frosted glass doors allow plenty amount of sunlight to enter your home or office.

• If you don’t want to block out the light entering your home while maintaining privacy, the frosted glass doors are the wisest and most prominent choice allowing both.

• The frosted glass doors are energy efficient as they an ideal room temperature.

• They are even durable throughout the harsh weather.

• The frosted glass sliding doors also add a touch of elegance and style to the place it is installed in.

Tinted Glass Sliding Doors:

If you want to have the proper view of everything happening outside your room through the glass door but don’t want the outsiders to peek inside, tinted glass doors are the best choice for you. The primary function of tinted glass doors is to reduce the glare from the outside and maintain transparency from the inside by applying a color to the glass door.

glass room divider smoked

Benefits of Tinted Glass Doors:

• The tinted glass doors help in reducing your energy bills as they absorb the heat entering your home, and as a result, they preserve the amount of heating used in your home, so you don’t have to put extra money into heating your home in harsh weathers.

• The tinted glass reduces the UV rays to reach your home or office to about 99%.

• The tinted glasses are exceptionally good when it comes to maintaining privacy as they do not allow outsiders to have a look inside.

• They can also be used in offices where you need your privacy to be maintained and want to keep things confidential.

• They are water and scratch-resistant, therefore highly durable.

• The tinted glass doors are super easy to clean; therefore, investing in them saves your time and money for cleaning them.
Switchable Privacy Glass Doors:

If you want to have glass doors that allow the sunlight when you need and stop it from entering when you require, the switchable privacy glass doors are here for your service. These kinds of glass doors belong to the high-tech category and can turn from being entirely transparent to being utterly opaque through a switch.

Benefits of Switchable Privacy Glass Doors:

• These kinds of glass doors allow your conference rooms to have privacy whenever needed and be transparent whenever needed, just with a switch.

• You can even allow the transparent glass to turn into translucent ones if you still want some light to enter in.

• The switchable privacy glass doors save you the struggle and cost of indulging in the hassle of window coverings. This is because you can have privacy or transparency whenever required.

• The switchable privacy glasses are exceptionally good in saving energy costs. They reduce the sun’s heat and thus reduce the costs to be invested in air conditioning the office or homes.

• The switchable privacy glass also reduces the need for lights and lamps because they can quickly turn transparent and allow the natural light to enter.

Why is Natural Light important to enter indoors?

While we have discussed all the options that can allow the natural light to enter your offices or homes, there is one question that may be popping up in your mind. Why is the entrance of natural light important?

This is because natural light reduces the health risks that fluorescent lights have to offer. It is also a great way to keep the office or home environment warm and bright throughout the day.

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Simple Tips to Make Your Kitchen Design Stand Out from the Crowd

glass room divider

The kitchen is one of the most used and most essential rooms in the house. When the kitchen looks great, you are happy to spend time there. A beautiful kitchen can also help to increase the value of your home if you are going to be selling.

Many people would love to make improvements to their kitchen, but they are not entirely sure what they should do or how they should do it. They are not confident what steps they should take to create a kitchen that they love, and that stands apart from other kitchens. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple tips that you can use for your kitchen makeover.

Create a Plan for Form and Function

One of the first things that you will need to do if you are going to be remodeling your kitchen, or even if you are giving it a basic facelift, is making sure it works for your needs. Think about how you use the kitchen and how you want to use the kitchen. How much time do you spend there? Would you like it to be a space where people can gather and talk while you are cooking?

You should consider the functionality of the kitchen first and foremost to make sure it will be beneficial to the way you use it. Think about what you need in the kitchen in terms of appliances, counter space, and storage space. Once you have an idea of what would suit you best, you will want to then look at the aesthetics. Everyone has their style, so this will mostly be a personal choice. However, you do want to make sure that the form and function are married together in the final design.

Consider the Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors and Dividers

If you have a pantry in the kitchen, it probably has a door that opens outward or inward. While this might be standard fare, these types of doors tend to take up a lot more space than they should. They can also be awkward when open, and they can get in the way.

An option that you might want to consider for your pantry area is a sliding glass door. When you choose this option, the door will slide out of the way when you are getting into and out of the pantry. You can even choose a frosted glass, so you do not have to worry about seeing everything in the pantry from the kitchen. These types of doors look elegant and modern and could be an excellent choice for the kitchen.

If you have an open floorplan, you might also want to consider getting glass dividers between the kitchen and the living space. You will still be able to see the living room or entertainment area from the kitchen, and you can still communicate, but it does provide a layer of separation.
There are some great options available for these products that could make for a welcome addition to your home.

Upgraded Appliances

One of the other areas where your current kitchen might be lacking is with the appliances that you have. Those who have older appliances may find that they are looking a little dingy and worn around the edges. They might also require repairs.

However, instead of constantly spending money on repairing those old appliances, it might be time that you upgraded to some of the newer appliances on the market. These are often sleek and modern, and they are also more than likely energy efficient. This means that you could end up saving on your electric bill when you replace the refrigerator and dishwasher, for example.

The Cabinetry

In some cases, you might want to remove and replace all of the cabinets in the kitchen. This might be true if the kitchen cabinets are particularly old, out of date, or are starting to break. However, this does come with an added cost, of course. If you aren’t looking to spend that much money, you could always choose to refinish the cabinets on your own. They could be sanded and then stained or painted to a color that will match your kitchen. You can also replace all of the hardware on the cabinetry to be more modern and to match with the other design elements.

Countertop and Flooring

Other areas of the kitchen that might need to be updated are the flooring and the countertop. These are often a much more expensive part of a renovation. The flooring may be something that you can tackle on your own, so you do not have to worry about the cost of labor from a professional. However, with a countertop, your best option is to hire a professional for the job.

Keep in mind that even though some flooring and countertop materials are expensive, you do not need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful kitchen. Look at some of the less costly materials that are still beautiful and of sufficient quality. Consider measuring and buying the materials before hiring a contractor, as this can help you to save some money, as well.

The Lighting

A kitchen should have quality overhead lighting. This type of lighting will ensure that the work surface is easy to see. Pendant lighting is one option to consider that looks great, and that is relatively easy to have installed. You can find fixtures that will match well with the rest of the kitchen including your sliding glass doors.

If you are interested in improving your kitchen, these are some excellent options to try. You may not need to have all of the improvements in your kitchen, but you should at least look at a few of them and see how they could improve the look and function of your space. You can find some great options on sliding doors and dividers that could be just the element your kitchen needs to stand out from others.

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Glass Office – The Most Inexpensive Solution

glass office

Imagine an office with an open workspace and employees seated without separation. Does that ring the bell of employees not being able to pay attention to their work? Yes, this is precisely how it is. To solve this issue, office cubicles are made in the office.

Glass office partitions and cubicles are used to create a partition between the workers so that they can quickly pay attention to their work without getting distracted by what’s happening in their surroundings. However, the whole idea of creating cubicles with any material may destroy the whole look of the office.

This is where the glass office cubicles come to the rescue. Your employees won’t feel anymore suffocated and bored because glass office cubicles will make the office’s whole environment more bright, airy, social and help remove the dullness that most of the offices have to offer.

Why opt for Glass Office Or Glass Cubicles?

You may be thinking about the reasons why you should be opting for the glass office cubicles in the first place. Here are the reasons why:

Glass office cubicles allow flexible configurations:

Many of the glass cubicle options come with flexibility, which means you can easily demount them whenever you need to. The glass office cubicles allow you to easily remove or reconfigure them without any additional cost as such. This feature makes them one of the most flexible cubicle options out there.

So, whenever you decide to change your office’s entire look, the flexibility that glass office cubicles have to offer will remove all your worries.

glass cubicles

Glass office cubicles make a statement

For an office to run successfully with an excellent reputation, it is extremely important to create a statement as soon as the clients or employees enter the office. The glass office cubicles enhance the aesthetic looks of the office and improve the state of mind of the employees and clients, which may result in creating a much better connection between them.

Provide Sustainability:

To create a sustainable space, it is extremely important to allow daylight to enter your office rather than rely entirely on power usage. However, it is almost impossible when it comes to traditional office cubicles.

The glass office cubicles solve this issue and highly encourage the flow of natural light into the office. When you allow the daylight to reach the space where the majority of your employees are working, you are paying great attention to their mental well-being and health.

There are various modern cubicle options:

While glass office cubicles do the job of partition that it is specifically made for, however, it also allows the employees to connect with each other because of the transparency it has to provide. One best reason for going for glass cubicles is that they come in an almost endless option of designs discussed below.

• With the option of freestanding glass cubicles, you are allowed to install them anywhere in your office.
• There is the option of modular glass cubicles, which allow the installation or reconfiguration whenever needed to be super quick.
• With the frameless glass cubicles, you can give your office a modern and aesthetically appealing look that is almost impossible for traditional cubicles.
• To provide easier entrance or exit for your clients without a considerable noise, the sliding doors of the glass office cubicles make it super easy and save much more space compared to the traditional doors of the traditional cubicles.

Increases Creativity:

While traditional office cubicles are seen in many offices, we all know how dull and boring the environment they create because of the zero creativity and excitement they have to offer. This is not the case when it comes to glass office cubicles.

The glass office cubicles are vibrant and bright, which creates an environment encouraging the employees to be creative and give their 100% to the fullest. The glass office cubicles allow creativity and collaboration between the employees because of the aesthetically appealing look they have to offer and allow the entrance of light to their best.

glass office partitions

Allows collaboration:

While traditional cubicles create a feeling of isolation, the glass office cubicles do not. Through the glass office cubicles, the employees are allowed to have a connection with their colleagues without any barrier.

When this culture of connectivity and collaboration is created in an office, it benefits the whole office as a whole. This is because the employees know they aren’t left to themselves for more than 8 hours of their shifts, so their morale is usually higher. Not only this, this increased culture of collaboration will allow the ideas to flow and be shared easily.

Benefits of installing Glass office cubicles:

While you have known the reasoning of why glass office cubicles should be preferred instead of the traditional ones, here are significant benefits collected:
• If you have a small office space, the glass office cubicles will do the job they’re made for while making the office space looking more spacious.
• Because of being in trend and having a stylish look when installed, the glass office cubicles will make your office look more aesthetically appealing.
• If you are looking to create a comfortable communication environment for your employees, the glass office cubicles will definitely do the job.
• While the communication is made easier, there is still the provision of privacy through the glass office cubicles and reducing the noise from the surroundings.
• You will depend less on the electricity power for producing light in the daytime because the glass office cubicles will allow the daylight to enter the office and light up the office as much as required.
• Just because there is less dependency on unnatural light, the cost of power consumption is reduced to a significant level.
• While you may be wondering if the glass is safe to be installed in your office, it definitely is. Glass used for glass office cubicles is highly durable, so there is no such investment in repairing or replacing them when broken as they almost last for a lifetime.

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