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7 Ways Glass Office Partitions Can Transform Your Business

glass office walls

One of the most popular modern options for dividing space between employees in the workplace is through glass office partitions. These partitions are sleek yet elegant and add a nice touch of style to any company. No matter how small or large your workplace is, what industry you are in, or how many employees you have, when you’re updating the interior, glass office partitions are an excellent thing to incorporate.

1. Makes Any Workplace Feel Larger

When you’re doing an office makeover, sometimes adding in glass office partitions can be all you need. Simply adding these into the space can make the entire interior feel as if it’s completely new. While you might know that some paint colors and furniture arrangements can make a space seem more extensive, you may not realize glass partitions do the same thing.

Rather than using a bulky divider that takes up additional space, the glass office partitions from Doors22 make the office feel bigger than it is. One of the reasons for this is because glass helps bring in natural light. Since dark rooms can appear to be smaller, the opposite is true when you creatively use glass partitions.

2. Glass Partitions Look Great

If you’ve ever stepped into a building with several glass partitions, you may have noticed how great it can make a space look. These partitions can add brightness and vibrancy to your workplace, which will be appreciated by both employees and clients who step inside—no material works as well as glass for making a refined space that exudes elegance.

These glass office partitions come in all sorts of sizes, have different colors of frames, and can be fitted with a selection of different glass types. For instance, you might want clear glass near the windows to bring in natural light, but you might want something that is opaquer for meeting rooms and workshop areas. Custom made partitions can show off your business in the exact way you want.

3. Can Increase Employee Productivity Levels

Something that many business owners and managers do not realize is that glass partitions can result in better productivity from employees. With clear glass windows, employees are aware that they can be seen at all times, which may push them to be more diligent and hardworking than they otherwise would be. It also provides accountability among workers, which also improves productivity.

When you install glass office partitions, other benefits lead to higher productivity. Since these partitions are mostly noise proof, they can decrease distractions, which might pull an employee from their work. When workers have fewer distractions, things get done faster, which can lead to higher profits.

4. Creates Defined Work Areas While Promoting Interaction

If your current workplace has cubicle offices, these lead to a great deal of separation between individual workers. A glass partition, which can come in a transparent or semi-transparent style, promotes interaction between employees through an environment that feels more open and unhindered by extra walls. When people see others working and can speak to them with ease, it makes collaboration easier.

With glass office partitions, employees tend to be more likely to seek advice, ask questions, and discuss ideas with those around them. Since teamwork is a huge part of what makes a company succeed, these partitions help ensure people are working together. It offers the best of both worlds by incorporating some privacy while fueling communication.

5. Offers a Simple Option When it Comes to Maintenance

The truth is that maintaining office partitions made of glass is easier than you might think. Rather than needing a variety of specialized chemicals to clean, like traditional office partitions, these glass partitions can be wiped down using nothing more than window cleaning solution. It takes only a few moments to clean up an entire partition to make it shine.

Also, these partitions are made to be durable, with the ones from Doors22 coming with a 10-year warranty. That means you can purchase without worrying that the barriers will become damaged over time. As long as you maintain them, they are likely to last for many years in your workplace.

glass office partitions

6. Can Be Used in a Wide Variety of Ways

Glass office partitions are incredibly versatile and can be used in whatever way works best for your place of work. Some people use them to separate employee desks from each other, while others may use them to create conference rooms and full offices for employees to use. No matter how you decide to incorporate them into your workplace, they offer a distinctive design element.

Since these partitions can come in so many styles and types, you can also choose different varieties for various purposes. For instance, you might want a frameless option for a conference room and a framed partition to separate workers’ desks. A conference room might work well with frosted glass, while employee partitions could be better with clear glass. It’s all up to you and what works for your business.

7. Ability to Move Partitions as Needed

Many of the glass office partitions on the market are portable, so you can use them in different ways by rearranging them as needed. If you find that a partition is located somewhere that isn’t working out for you, all you have to do is move it somewhere else and take advantage of it in a more efficient place.

Where to Get High-Quality Glass Partitions

When you work with Doors22, you get the best quality glass office partitions you could hope to find. These office fixtures are available in custom sizes and a variety of styles to meet your specific needs. Everything you need is included in a single price, including the tracks, doors, hardware, and other components.

If you’re ready to find out more about our partitions, glass doors, and other products, you can reach out to us on our website. We’d be happy to help you decide what options are the best to ensure the success of your workplace!

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Creating the Perfect Space With Doors22 Glass Partitions

glass home office

Using glass sliding walls partitions allows you to make better use of your space while creating sleek look. One such perfect area in your house to subdivide is the basement. You could use it for various storage rooms, or a game room or even your personal home office.

Yes, it is very easy and fast to subdivide your basement area into various activity rooms with our glass partition system. If you’re looking to create a cool game room, it will probably take you just half an hour to install Doors22 system. However, you could even use glass partitions to create a small apartment in your basement with game room and even an office, depending on the size of your basement.

Perhaps one of your kids who is sharing a room with a sibling, wants their own room. This could be the perfect location, and the partitions will make it easy. Others might be looking to create an office where they can work on their novel, their taxes, etc. undisturbed. You may want to have part of the basement for playing games, part for engaging in hobbies, or a private library and reading area. Others might also need to have some extra storage space to keep all of the family’s items out of sight in the basement. Glass partitions can help with this, as well.

Regardless of what you decide to do with the basement, glass partitions are a fantastic way to separate the basement’s different areas to create the look, feel, and flow that you need. It’s easy to separate areas of the basement to create spaces for different purposes.

What Else Does the Basement Need?

When you are remodeling, you will also want to think about other features that might be required based on what you are doing with the basement. Perhaps you need to redo the flooring. You might be able to leave the concrete flooring, or you might want to add carpet or faux wood, for example. If you are going to create a bedroom, you might also want to consider adding a bathroom to the basement, even though it will cost more.

You should also think about access to the Internet in the basement. If you have a good router and a computer with WiFi, it should still be able to reach the basement. However, if the router is too far away, you might need to run cables to the basement to hook up the computer to the web for a better connection. You could also check out WiFi accelerators to help get a better signal.

When you are remodeling the basement, it is always important to know exactly what you want before you begin. Consider how you will be using the basement to determine what types of dividers and glass sliders you might need. Think about the types of furnishings that you will want for the basement, as well. You might need to add a TV, a game console, a toy chest, a mini-fridge, etc. to create the space that you want. Write down what you need, measure the basement, and think about the layout when you are choosing partitions to make sure they will work well for the space.

If you are saving on the construction of the partitions by using premade glass partitions, you should have plenty of money to outfit the basement with all of the furnishings and upgrades that you want. Just make sure you have a plan before you start your remodel, no matter how big or small it might be.

Check Out Glass Partitions to Find the Right Solution

There are many quality options available for glass partitions and sliding doors that can work very well when you are remodeling your basement. Take the time to look at the different types of frames, the colors of the frames and the glass and the size of the openings. Whether you need glass closet doors or a full wall that can create a private space in the basement, there are plenty of options available. Find what you and your basement need.

With some of the companies that are offering these systems, custom options are available. Researching the various styles and possibilities can be a great way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need for your loft space.

Of course, you also want to think about the overall costs of getting the system. You will find that there are many options and many price points available for these partitions and glass doors. You will surely be able to find something that will work with your budget.

Consider the Benefits

If you are still on the fence about using a loft system with partitions to help separate your space, let’s look at a few of the biggest benefits you will find when moving forward with this plan. First of all, adding the doors and partitions will provide you with more privacy. You might want to have a bedroom hidden behind a smoked glass partition that will give you some seclusion if you have over guests. The extra rooms that you can create using the glass partitions and doors ensure that you can create the setup that you want, providing you with just the amount of privacy that you desire.

Affordability is another one of the major benefits. To make actual changes to the structure of a loft would be extremely expensive and would require the work of an entire crew. However, adding simple partitions to create rooms throughout the loft would cost far less. If you were considering hiring a construction crew to handle creating the walls, you might want to reevaluate the costs to see just how much money, as well as the time you might be able to save.

Simple installation and removal of the walls will be helpful, as well. You can install the partitions with relative ease in far less time than it would take to have actual walls added to the space. You can remove these partitions just as quickly and easily. These easy-to-use partitions also mean that the changes you are making are not permanent. If you move out of the loft, you can remove the partitions and go back to the same layout you had when you moved into the place. Whether you own the loft, or you are renting, this is a huge advantage. After all, if you are renting, you would not be able to make permanent changes anyway.

Find Your Loft System Today

It’s easy to see just how many benefits there are with these partition systems. They can make it easier for you to plan out your living space, to provide some added privacy, and to get the style that you love. Always make sure you are buying high-quality partitions that are going to last and that look great. It’s time that you created the space you have always wanted.

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18 Ideas To Protect Your Office To Accommodate Social Distancing

glass partition walls

The spread of coronavirus has brought a lot of uncertainty in people’s minds and there is no one who has remained untainted from its effects and office spaces are no exception. Most of the states are now removing lockdowns strategically, which calls for the office spaces to be compatible with social distancing. Although there will be an upsurge of people working from home, we still have a long way to go where offices become obsolete. Therefore, all the organizations are now facing an immediate issue which requires them to reorganize their offices such that they comply with the guidelines issued by their respective governments and renders their employees safe. These changes will become a part of the future of the company and the organizations which aren’t able to come up with viable plans are bound to struggle.

Keeping your struggles in mind, we at Doors22 (official site) have toiled tirelessly to come up with office plans which will help you create an office that is safe for all your employees and takes care of social distancing amidst the post-coronavirus phase. We have listed down some measures you can undertake to reshuffle your office before opening again. You would need to upgrade and add some features to your current office to minimize the chances of transmission.

glass cubicles

1. Social distancing is going to be the most challenging and important part to implement in your offices. For your office to work efficiently, you have to keep the transmission at a minimal level, which could only be achieved by making sure that the workspaces of the employees are at a certain distance.

2. Your new office design should require the least bit of physical interaction among people. You can achieve this goal by installing our glass partition walls will keep the germs away from one workstation to another. Facing the workstations opposite to one another, thus allowing for a greater distance between then is also an effective way to counter this problem.

3. Many organizations are using glass office partitions as an operative way to overcome social distancing. Since the offices usually do not have enough space to incorporate a 6-foot gap between workstations, glass office partitions come in handy to limit physical interaction. You can also introduce personalized glass cubicles, since they are completely enclosed for each employee.

4. If you do happen to have a 6-foot distance between your workstations, make sure you install some warning signs which remind the workers of the necessity of social distancing.
5. Make sure that there are ample sanitizers installed at different points you deem necessary. High traffic areas like the reception and entry-exit gates should definitely have access to hand sanitizers.

6. Get rid of door handles. Install doors that can swing open both ways without requiring the usage of hands and can be opened by a push of the shoulder or leg.

7. Get motion sensing lights for the whole office space to avoid people touching the switches. This is also eco-friendly and will help your office and the environment in the long run.
8. Along with motion-sensing lights, also install faucets and other washroom equipment that do not require touch.

9. Another prevalent technique which is being used in the hospitals for preventing transmission is asking the employees to walk in a clockwise direction. This one-way flow will help minimize people coming in contact and the offices will continue to work in an orderly manner.

10. Every employee should be asked to cover his desk with a sheet of paper before starting work and then throwing it away at the end of the day.

11. Invest in your employees to get them personal laptops, phones, etc., so that the same device is not used by many people.

12. Since there is going to be limited or no travel, for the time being, make some adjustments to introduce a better video-conferencing experience. Everyone, even the employees who are working from home should feel immersed in the office experience so they don’t feel left out during these trying times.

13. Make sure that no one feels left out in the office with social distancing in place. The barriers and working from home can be stressful for your employees and it is your duty to bring them together socially. You can do this using many virtual methods, like gaming or virtual dinners, etc.

14. Give extra thought to your office’s ventilation. Good ventilation is essential to curtail the spread of the virus. It could be as easy as opening windows, but you can always get a professional opinion about the matter.

15. It’s all about the air, therefore you should get an air filter asap which would control the climate inside your office and help in diminishing viruses and other allergens.

16. Since furniture inside your office is going to require constant cleaning, invest in getting furniture which is easier to clean and maintain. This would help your office in the future as well so it’s worth the investment.

17. There is definitely going to be a decrease in the number of actual conferences you’re going to have in your conference room, so you can diminish that room to give more space for your employees.

18. Install security spaces that keep in check the employees’ temperature regularly and take immediate action if and when required.

glass office cubicles

Many offices are trying to innovate and introduce in their workspaces objects which would promote a touch-free environment. The 6-feet distance rule is the most important take away from all guidelines and to integrate it with office space is the biggest challenge everyone is facing right now. There needs to be a stricter cleaning schedule as well which ensures that the office is sanitized regularly and thoroughly. Glass partition walls are barriers which will help limit physical contact and also restrict the spreading of germs and viruses around your office.

Keeping the above pointers in mind, you can re-create your office that complies with the norms and promotes healthy living environment among your employees. This is no doubt going to be a challenge but it can be handled easily with understanding and right guidance.

If you need a personalized plan made for you, you can contact us on our website and we’ll get in touch with you to answer all your queries in detail. Keep yourself and your employees safe during these trying times.

Doors22 Team

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4 Interesting Ways to Use Home Office Partitions

glass office walls

Home office partitions can help homeowners want to change the look and the functionality of their home. They are often easy to install and can instantly provide you with a separate space that could be used for a host of different purposes. It’s cheaper to choose glass office partitions for the home than to hire a remodeling company to come into the home and add another room, and you will soon see just how versatile the partitions can be.

Create a Space to Work from Home

Many people today are working from home due to the pandemic. Others have been working home for years. Having an office in the home, whether it’s your primary workspace or a place where you get a bit of work done on the weekends, is nice. Of course, many people don’t have the luxury of having a separate room that they can use for their office.

The glass office partitions can be used at home to provide you with a nice workspace that is separate from the rest of the home. You can bring in your desk, chair, computer, fan, and any other necessities that you might need.

You will have space where you can work and meet with coworkers online if you need to have a meeting. Having a dedicated space where you can work from and meet with coworkers helps to ensure that you are focused and that you don’t have to worry about anyone walking through and disturbing the meeting.

If you have kids who are in school, you might want to think about creating an office space where they can do their homework. It provides the same benefits that a home office would provide to you, including privacy and fewer distractions from the work at hand.

glass office partitions

Create a Space for Creating Online Videos and Streaming

A large number of people today enjoy creating videos that they upload to their YouTube channel. Others enjoy streaming on Twitch. However, they don’t always have the best setup in their home to ensure quality video and audio. By creating a separate space with glass office partitions, they can finally get a dedicated space where they can stream that looks professional.

Some might want to install soundproofing on the walls that aren’t glass using acoustic foam, which can help to dampen the sound and provide better audio. Having a separate area for recording videos or streaming also means that they can keep their workspace separate from their living or sleeping area. While this might not be a full studio setup that can be fully controlled, it can provide users with the location they need to ensure their videos and stream are the best quality they can be for the space they have.

Create a Playroom for the Kids

If you have kids, you might want to create a playroom for them, where they can play safely and have some privacy. It will also mean that they can keep their toys in this area rather than strewn all over the floor in their bedroom. Perhaps you want to have a clear glass partition, so you can see what the little ones are doing when they are playing. If they are a bit older, they might prefer an option with smoked or frosted glass to give them some more privacy during their playtime.

You could create a playroom in the family room, which also acts as a storage area for all of the kids’ playthings. You might also want to make better use of your basement or garage, so you could add a playroom for the kids in one of those locations, as long as it’s safe.

If you have two children who are sharing a room, you could also use a divider to separate the room into different sections for each of the kids. This allows them to have a space of their own, which many children want once they start to get older. It’s much easier to divide a large room and create another bedroom than to pick up and find another home with more rooms.

Create a Space for Your Hobbies

If you have any hobbies that you enjoy, using a home office partition to create a room dedicated to the hobby could be a good idea. Maybe you like sewing or crocheting. You might like reading and want a secluded place where you can enjoy a good book. Maybe you enjoy painting miniatures or just sitting and listening to some music with your headphones. Having a separate space just for your hobbies, no matter what they are, is nice.

glass home office

Glass Home Office Partitions Could Be a Perfect Fit for You

Glass home office partitions are a nice solution for those who might be considering adding one of the above spaces to their home or simply want some extra storage. They are a quick and cost-effective solution that can work for a range of needs that you might have, not just those that are listed above.

If you are interested in glass partitions, you will want to consider how you will use them and make sure that you have measured the space to determine the size partition you will need. You will also have to think about the style of the frame and the glass to ensure it will work well for your purposes.

The installation tends to be easy, and it could be the perfect way for you to get a new room or to divide a room sooner rather than later. It’s more affordable than choosing a construction crew to build an entire room, and it is easy to remove if you find that you no longer need it in a few years or want to bring it to a new home.

Find what you need today, whether you have a small home, a luxury home, a loft, or any other space that would benefit from glass home office partitions. There are countless ways that you can make these work well in your life.

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