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Building a modern office with glass office partitions

office partitions

You may be considering installing glass office partitions which is the new modern design. Doing so will provide numerous benefits for you and your employees productivity as well as bright and spacious office looks. ‘Open concept’ is considered to be the current trend for the office design in the modern world. The ‘Open concept’ even promotes enhanced collaboration amongst employees. It is crucial to ensure productivity in your workplace by incorporating private spaces allowing employees to think and work.

Using glass room office partitions

Doors22.com offers a variety of designs and configurations by providing custom fit for a desired space. Privacy options can help develop offices that are private areas or completely divided. But still, it should have the feeling of being part of the organization’s aesthetic and culture.

glass office partitions

Glass office divider types

With some research, you are sure to come across various types of room dividers meant for residences and offices. Each one is designed to serve unique purpose while improving a particular design.

• Aluminum: Such office separators help create an industrial feel within the office space. They are available in aluminum or frame with glazing or solid aluminum and can provide that more open feel. But they are not aesthetically pleasing like glass or wood. However, they are good enough to serve their intended purpose to create office separation.

• Glass: Such privacy walls are considered to be a versatile option that you may consider for your office. They are incredibly functional, aesthetically pleasing and environment-friendly choice. Once it reaches its end, you can recycle them. It can create essential separation and still can maintain that open feel. Hence, glass room divider walls are fast becoming a popular option among modern offices.

• Wood: They complement well with traditional office designs and are manufactured as veneer-finished MDF or solid wood. They are also available in different finishes, including walnut, maple, oak and cherry. It can also be integrated with glazing, thereby officering the much-needed warmth in the office and also allow entry of natural light.

Glass office benefits

Office dividers might appear quite straightforward. But they can easily fill up the different needs of the today’s office. Such separators also promote increased aesthetics, private space, added flexibility, improved collaboration and affordable solution.

office cubicles

Increased aesthetics

Office divider walls and privacy walls are very much functional. They can also offer that incredible design touch. There are a variety of customization and style options to select from. People are no more interested in using cubicle dividers. Glass room dividers help create a modern and clean look while being functional.

Private space

With most offices opting for the more open design, glass dividers have become quite popular. While adopting this type, it will be crucial to understand the specific needs of all the employees. You need to create a productive and creative work environment as it will allow your employees the space to think. It can also promote team collaboration and small groups. Interior divider wall when used properly can help create a conference room while offering privacy.

Improved collaboration

Using glass dividers in the office will allow employees to be part of the company’s overall culture. At the same time, it is possible to maintain private space to conduct business efficiently. The mangers also will have the ability to view clearly what their juniors are doing, thus ensuring accountability as well as increased productivity. Collaboration is also improved since help is visible.

Offices with closed places will not allow employees to interact with one another. They are to get up to visit another room to seek collaboration time. It could be that the other person is busy in a meeting or on the phone, thereby not being able to collaborate. With glass privacy walls, employees will not waste time as they can easily view what the other person is doing through the glass.

Increased flexibility

Office dividers can be found in incredible flexible options. For example, the modular system is pre-assembled. It is possible to install and use them in record time. The glass dividers can also be reconfigured as and when deemed necessary to adjust with the ever-changing needs of the office.

It is also possible to demount some office divider systems. This means, at a very short time, you can remove and reconfigure them whenever desired. Thus, your office space can enjoy greater flexibility while maintaining functional, beautiful looking space.

Opting for LCD Smart Glass is another available option to create privacy walls for your office. They provide enhanced privacy with the help of a switch. You can turn the glass to translucent from transparent in seconds.

modern office

Affordable solution

Modern office needs are ever-changing. Glass partitions do allow flexibility as well as reconfiguring the entire space. They are indeed a cost-effective option to choose to meet changing needs. Undertaking expensive remodels like installing sheetrock or framing walls only means having to spend a fortune. Moreover, office work is disrupted, thereby causing trouble for the employees, vendors and clients alike.

It is possible to install interior glass divider walls quickly. You can also come across pre-assembled options. Demountable glass walls when reconfigured can easily accommodate the changing needs. Also there is experienced little disruption at the work place.

Conference rooms

Glass divider walls can be used to create conference rooms. Glass office separators do offer myriads of options including privacy. You do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for privacy or money. It also offers that open feel.

Different design options are available to customize the interior divider walls of the conference room. It can meet the desired specifications and needs. You may install pure glass for areas that require less privacy. It also allows flow of natural light and maintains better connection with the entire office. To derive more privacy, you need to integrate blinds within the double-glazed system between glass panels. It can be controlled remotely. The blinds are protected from unsightly damage while creating instant privacy desired for vital meetings.

When remodeling or designing your office space, make sure to do your research to find out all available options. Modern glass office walls are undoubtedly a fabulous choice.

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Comprehensive guide to choosing the right closet glass sliding doors

sliding glass closet doors

Some say that the closet is just a storage room but many see it as a necessary decorative element which may not be overlooked. When visual appeal is considered, the sliding glass closet doors do offer much more to the eye then your ordinary wood frame painted doors. The glass doors can make the space to appear chic, unique, luxurious, stylish and modern, as well as allow the light in while offering variety of the glass and frame colors. We believe that our doors will definitely enhance the overall aesthetic value of your home.

About glass closet doors

You can come across custom options that are indeed a wonderful addition to the bedroom closet. Such closets do offer the room with elegance and spacious look. If you prefer well-arranged closet, then you should stop your selection with clear glass. In case, you are disorganized and messy, then you hide your clutter using milky, tinted, frosted, smoked, patterned or etched glass panes. Glass sliding doors are best selected with 2-3 horizontally sliding panels. You may consider investing in hinged glass doors opening in both directions and outwards. However it will occupy more space and hence, not suitable for small rooms! Double doors are excellent choices for those walk-in large closet spaces. They go well with metal or wood frame. On the other hand, elegant glass doors for the wardrobe will suit any décor. It is easy to maintain as well as clean glass doors. It is for this reason, people prefer to invest in this type of sliding door for their wardrobe or closet.

Mirrored glass closet doors

Mirrored closet doors

They are among the popular choices when closet design is concerned. They provide the bedroom with high end clothing store or fancy boutique feel. The closet front when installed with a full-length mirror can free up the wall space to accommodate paintings, art, clocks and hangings. It also allows you to get a complete view of the apparel you are wearing. This type of closet door also helps your dim, small room to appear much brighter and larger. It bounces natural light all over the space, thereby creating visual balance. You can come across mirrored doors in various styles, sizes and personalization choices. You may also select from numerous edge profiles. Its stylish nature is what allows you to use them at different areas in your home. Elegance of glass might compel you to select if to install in your wardrobe doors. Doing so adds style, grace and light to your home.

Tips to hang a mirror the right way

You need to place the mirror in a position that it will transform the room effectively, thus making it appear larger and brighter. However, hanging a mirror is likely to be challenging task. Following some expert advice will help hang your mirror securely in the desired room. For this you will require the given-below tools and accessories:

• Drill
• Wall hardware/anchors/screws
• Pencil
• Tape measure
• Multifunctional stud finder
• Level
• Hammer
• Screwdriver, etc.

Things to consider

• Mirror weight: It affects significantly the hardware amount and type that is used for hanging purpose. You may find the weight mentioned on the packaging. Otherwise, you can get a bathroom scale to weigh it. An anchor will be essential to hold in place heavy mirrors like a stud created in the wall.

• Wall type: This is something that you need to take into consideration. Is it a drywall, plaster, concrete or brick wall? To determine having drywall or plaster, lightly poke the wall using a tack.

• Drywall anchors: These are sheaths that are inserted within the wall. Drive a screw into the anchor, thus expanding its sides. It will stay in place quite firmly.

• Correct hardware: Check packaging while investing in hardware meant for hanging glass closet doors. It will specify the wall type that the fastener will be suitable for and the drill bit size required. You can expect mounting hardware to be provided with your newly purchased mirrors.

• Sheetrock wall hangers: These are hooks, meant to be used on difficult surfaces such as brick wall and concrete blocks. Its plastic hook tends to attaché with the wall using small metal nails pounded within the wall surface.

• Toggle bolts: They are generally used on plaster. There is inserted a winged nut via the pre-drilled hole. Spring-loaded wings open up, thereby offering a base. It also prevents pulling out the screw. Brackets are used to hang unbacked heavy mirrors while monkey hooks are useful to hang the heavy mirror.

• Locate studs: If the mirror is to be hung on a drywall, then it should be installed directly on the wall stud’s top part. These are wood’s vertical pieces attached to the drywall sheets. You can locate wires, pipes or studs in the area by using multifunction stud finder.
Once the above steps are complete, find if out if the mirror can be hung. For this, turn over the mirror and find out if hooks or hanging hardware is already installed or not. Otherwise, attach it by yourself.

Steps to hang the mirror

• Visualize the end result to derive the desired placement.

• Mark a straight line below the bottom edge of the mirror. Maintain level in proper place like straightedge. Along top level, draw light pencil line to indicate mirror’s bottom edge position after hanging it.

• Find out distance between hanging point top edge and mirror’s bottom edge using tape measure.

• In case mirror has single hanging point, then measure from mirror side to hanging point center.

• If the mirror back has two hanging points, then take masking tape piece. Lay it across two hooks on mirror back in horizontal position.

• Follow manufacturer installation to ensure correct installation.

• Hang the mirror and check for leveling and placement.

You can find glass closet doors and mirrors in various styles, colors, sizes and shapes. They are decorative, versatile objects. When installed they can create a positive impact in the room. They also work fabulously with any design. In case, you find it complex, you can take professional assistance.

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Can Sliding Glass Doors Function As Interior Room Dividers?

glass room divider

Several stylistic differences exist between contemporary and traditional home designs. Using available space is considered to be the biggest one. Traditional homes were more walled off, with each room providing that segmented feel. You may find a doorway even if there is absent a pocket or hinged door. During the 1970s, open-concept floor plan became popular where walls were broken down. Homeowners across the globe still seem to be interested in this plan. Home office today is found to intermingle with the living space and kids’ toys invading almost every room. The desire is fast growing among some homeowners desiring to retrieve some separation in their home styles. If this is what you seek, you can derive an amazing solution by opting for interior sliding doors.

Benefits installing sliding glass room dividers

Such glass doors tend to combine the very best of contemporary and traditional floor plans. Keeping open the doors can enable deriving the open concept. You may close them to enjoy separation and privacy, but without getting that closed-off home feel. Such design flexibility does offer myriads of advantages to your home’s interior.

  • Enhanced flow: Such doors when installed can save precious space, thereby improving flow within your home. There is no need to worry about people bumping into doors as they enter the room.
  • Configurable space: The more time you spend in your home, it will require frequent changes to ensure enlivening the space. With time, a bonus room can be converted into a craft room, gaming room, toy room, office or bedroom. You may use the custom sliding internal door to split one room into two or divide them into room rooms. This way, you may come up with necessary adjustments in the existing floor plan, thereby meeting specific spatial requirements.
  • Improved lifestyle: Doing some research will help you to come across different types of sliding doors that can fit perfectly your style. Using recycled wooden doors can help add some rustic aesthetic. Modern farmhouse feel can be derived by using barn wooden doors. However, if you seek openness as well as improve natural light, then you should opt for patio doors. They offer similar benefits within the home similar to what is offered on the exterior wall. It offers beauty, style and functionality. Several features also exists that can be selected to fit seamlessly the interior design.
  • More natural light flow: The typical traditional homes are found to have more number of windows in almost all the rooms. Modern interior design combined with contemporary style feature unobstructed, larger windows or glass walls. Natural light might not be able to reach the home’s interior parts or perhaps, lighting might be imbalanced. This is more so if plenty of light is present on your home’s south-facing side and quite little on its opposite side.

Therefore, by incorporating a superior quality sliding glass doors rather than a wall or solid doors will benefit immensely. Natural sunshine can enter your home more freely.

glass walls

Top ideas on sliding glass room dividers

You may assume the sliding glass interior door to be a see-through, movable wall. Then imagine the place where you can place them.  Such doors when placed carefully can help unite as well as divide rooms. Countless ways can be used to use them strategically. They can connect or break up the living space as desired. Some of the top ideas are given below:

  • Pair two parallel glass sliding doors: Seamless transition can be created by incorporating patio doors between outdoors and indoors. Running two parallel to one another can help open up more space in the home, thereby creating free-flowing space. This will allow sunshine to flood through the sliding glass door to reach even the corners of the rooms.
  • Using sliding glass doors to separate the sunroom: The sunroom or three season room can be applied with similar concept. Sliding glass doors can be installed in the sunrooms while others may have thee window walls. The interior sliding glass door can be kept open in different seasons to access easily the sunroom. Be it excessively hot or cold, doors should be closed to preserve precious energy efficiency. It also helps maintain the sights while natural sunlight fills up the three season room.
  • Private space to play or work: Constructing a bonus room in the basement or first floor will prove to be useful in various ways. You may use the door as a separator. Installing a handle will allow your bonus room to be converted into a private playroom for your kids. Thus, you can ensure that your children do not get hurt or injured as they play. You may also convert this room as your home office and effectively shut out noise.
  • Divide the large room: You may use a single room for various purposes. However, partitioning an open, large room with lots of furniture will only make it appear clunky and crowded. It is likely to disrupt the flow. Using dividing sliding doors can help split this big room into two rooms, thereby creating natural separation.

interior glass walls

If you are looking for elegant options, then multi-slide doors are the right choice. They can help derive a unique dining rooms carved from the open concept kitchen. Your floor plan also derives optimum flexibility. Close the room completely. Place just a couple of closed panels or simply tuck the doors within their pockets to derive fully open concept plan.

Interior slide door installation

When solving design problems, you should come with some innovative thinking. Standard sliding glass door styles can be a wonderful choice. You may also consider availing professional opinion as well as installation. Several considerations are to be made for how and where to place the sliding glass door within the home. For instance, most walls are found to be load-bearing. This limits the interior sliding door placement and size. It is important to ensure that the door and wall offers your home’s structure with essential support. This may however, limit your available options.

Choose the sliding glass room divider wisely and make sure to get it installed by certified professionals to derive the benefits.

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Commercial Office Design Trends From Doors22

commercial office design

If you are interested to create a modern commercial office design you will have to look into installing glass partitions in your office, conference rooms and cubicles. This design encourages flow of natural light and sense of transparency at the workplace. In addition, it creates a “stress free” environment for you and your employees. The trend now days for commercial office design is increasingly being used at co-working workplaces, both big and small across the globe.

Should you install glass partitions?

If you are creating a new office space you should strongly consider installing glass cubiclesfrom Doors22. It is the most feasible, quick and easy to install system. Glass cubicles and conference rooms are the latest trend followed by offices across the globe. Studies revealed that the average office sizes since the last decade has shrunk significantly by approximately 30%. This trend tends to coincide with interior glass meant of offices and its rising popularity when renovation and construction is concerned.

According to the industry experts, demountable interior glass offers great flexibility to property managers and owners. Installing them allows easy reconfiguration of the office space without much hassle or wasting time to accommodate tenant shifts or manpower. A few glass systems are designed to permit information to be projected or written on them. This only helps to promote and strengthen workplace connectivity. Moreover, being durable, interior glass requires very little maintenance when compared to a drywall.

commercial conference room design

Know the different types

Glass can be incorporated into conference rooms in various ways. You need to select a reputed, reliable and experienced company that offers and installs glass cubicles, partitions and slides. They should enjoy excellent reviews from past customers and known to offer superior quality interior glass walls. The five types are as follows:

• Folding & movable glass partitions
• Freestanding glass walls for conference rooms
• Conference room frameless glass walls
• LCD smart privacy glass
• Modular partition system

You can come across glass rooms in various sizes and shapes to meet your specific preferences and requirements. You can find easily different sized options like:

• 12×12 glass room
• 10×10 glass room
• 8×10 glass room
• 8×8 glass room
• 6×8 glass room
• 5×8 glass room

What expenses to bear to install glass at my workplace?

There are different factors that tend to determine the cost of installing glass at your workplace. Experts consider that frameless glass partition average price varies around $25 – $75 / sq. foot.
Please refer to our homepage where we publish standard size prices – https://doors22.com/.

Know the pros & cons of installing glass at the workplace

You need to take into consideration lots of aspects before making the final decision to select glass rooms for your office. First, focus on a few potential pitfalls and benefits to derive from its installation.

Pros of installing glass conference room in your office
• Energy savings
• Promotes more natural light
• Increased transparency
• Encourages open communication
• Less secrecy
• Provides better view of outdoors, on installation of glass windows

Cons of installing glass rooms at the office

• More distractions
• Reduced privacy
• Display feeling all the time
• Private conversation not possible
• Increased noise levels not allowing focusing on task in hand.
• Chances of walking into glass are more if not noticed on time.
• Lacking regular doors

commercial glass cubicles

Benefits of glass partitions in details

Lots of confusion and debate can be found concerning the disadvantages and advantages offered by glass partitions. Some managers feel that the highest efficiency at office can be achieved only by segregating teams. This can help avoid distractions and disturbances caused by other teammates. There are others who feel that installing glass partitions help promote interactive and lively ambiance thereby helping to derive optimum productivity. Some of the benefits offered are given below:

• Flexibility: It is one of the major benefits to be derived with the installation of glass office partitions. The room having traditional problems will not allow much of changing its existing layout to something preferred. Even if it does, it might prove to be costly and a tedious job. But glass partitions can be demounted effortlessly and can be moved to another place with ease. It is an amazing feature to have if you desire additional space or include a new segment within your office. Besides being easy, demounting the glass partition also does not incur any extra expenditure. It is possible to alter the office space layout periodically based on the prevailing circumstances and needs.

• Enhanced productivity: Glass partition installation in offices does help promote increased employee productivity. They are aware that their performance is scrutinized continuously by their seniors. Hence, to earn the rewards and perks, they put in their best efforts at all times. They are also noticed to be more diligent and sincere in their work. Clear glass panels discourage lazy employees in the office and boost accountability. This, in turn, contributes towards enhanced productivity levels. Glass partition installation also reduces noise pollution significantly. This is because some quality glass partitions are designed to be sound proof, thus reducing distractions while improving overall productivity.

• Efficient: With glass partitions allowing easy penetration of natural light from outside, dependence on electric lighting can be minimized. Besides saving precious money, it also allows protecting the environment. Thus, they are proven to reduce your company’s footprint while increasing energy efficiency.

• Easy maintenance: It is easy to maintain and clean glass partitions. Window cleaning solution that is commonly available in the market is sufficient to wipe the dirt, dust and stains off the glass panels. You are recommended to use microfiber cloth to ensure having a clean looking, treated glass panels.

• Privacy: It is wrong notion that employee privacy cannot be maintained in the office premises by installing a glass partition. Frosted treatment offers similar open plan feel. It ensures flow of natural light within the conference room, but without compromising privacy.

• Improved lighting: Workplaces these days have become small and lack natural light. This only results in staff fatigue caused by reduced workplace energy. Allowing natural light to flow through the glass panels ensures improved employee morale and health.

Installing the glass conference room at the office is sure to bring in lots of benefits. You should consult a professionals to ensure safe and correct choice and installation. Please call our office today – (305) 394-9922.

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