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Home Office Partitions


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Creating a home office is becoming a necessity these days as our world has changed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Our glass wall partitions will create a perfect bright working space so you could relax and work safe from your own home environment.

We Offer Standard Or Custom Sizes!

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1. Glass home office, Black frames, clear glass, 2 panels, 94w by 96h $1970


2. Sliding Glass home partitions, Black frames, smoked glass, 3 panels, 108w by 96h $1905

Home Office Glass Doors Fort Lauderdale FL

3. Glass doors for home office, Black frames, smoked glass, 2 panels, 94w by 96h $1970

3. Black frames, smoked glass, 2 panels, 94w by 96h $1684

4. Glass home office partitions, Black frames, frosted glass, 24 panels, 120w by 96h $2095

glass office walls

5. Glass office walls, Silver frames, frosted glass, 4 panels, 144w by 96h $2485

glass partition walls

6. Glass office panels in Black frames, smoked glass, 4 panels, 120w by 96h $2095

6. Black frames, smoked glass, 4 panels, 120w by 96h $1823

7. Silver frames glass office walls with clear glass, 2 panels, 94w by 96h $1970

glass partition walls

8. Silver frames, smoked glass home office, 4 panels, 144w by 96h $2485

Home Office Glass Sliding Doors Fort Lauderdale FL

9. Glass office partitions, black frames, frosted glass, 160"W x 80"H, $2335

L-shape glass office walls

10. Glass home office, silver frames, smoked glass, 120"W x 96"H, $2095


11. Glass home office walls, black frame, clear glass, 80"W x 80"H, $1325

home office glass partitions

12. Home office glass sliding doors, black frame, clear glass, 80"W x 96"H, $1450

home office glass sliding doors

13. Glass home office, black frames, clear glass, Trio Design, 72x80, $1,295

Sliding Glass Residential Home Office

Home Office Glass Partitions

Doors22 offers a perfect solution for the home office. Our glass wall partitions create an impeccable office space with sleek looks and great functionality. Of course, the glass could be frosted, milky or smoked to allow for privacy with the style and sophistication at the same time.

Our glass office walls slide without any sound and are guaranteed to last a long, long time. In fact, we offer 10 years warranty! Our glass office partitions permits you to have full height glass with no seams. And, if you ever decide to move your home office, your glass office partitions can go with you!

Our glass office system provides a cost effective, modern and elegant solution while still allowing for privacy. Whether you are a doctor, realtor or a business entrepreneur, we know that you will absolutely love our system for years to come. Check out of full display of glass room dividers and sliding glass doors today.

Buy with confidence, we GUARANTEE your satisfaction. We will ship within 2 weeks, we offer 10-year warranty, and will ensure you’re given your money back if you aren’t satisfied!

Standard Sizes Price Sheet

Opening Size
Width Height.
48"W x 80"H $920
60"W x 80"H $1,070
72"W x 80"H $1,220
80"W x 80"H $1,325
90"W x 80"H $1,450
96"W x 80"H $1,525
108"W x 80"H $1,680
120"W x 80"H $1,830
144"W x 80"H $2,135
160"W x 80"H $2,335
Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 96"H $935
60"W x 96"H $1,130
72"W x 96"H $1,325
80"W x 96"H $1,450
90"W x 96"H $1,615
96"W x 96"H $1,710
108"W x 96"H $1,905
120"W x 96"H $2,095
144"W x 96"H $2,485
160"W x 96"H $2,740

The price includes the entire system: doors, tracks and all hardware.
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