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Glass Closet Doors


We Ship Anywhere In Continental US
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
10 Years Warranty

We carry an exclusive collection of contemporary glass closet doors which are lightweight but strong and durable. Choose from ready-made or custom-built – both of which feature safety glass.  Our glass bypass wardrobe doors offer smart design and easy installation.

We Offer Custom Or Standard Sizes!

Click here for custom sizes

1. Glass closet doors, Black frames, smoked glass, 4 panels, 144w by 96h $2485

1. Black frames, smoked glass, 4 panels, 144w by 96h $2159

2. Black frames, smoked glass (light inside the closet), 4 panels, 144w by 96h $2485

2. Black frames, smoked glass (light inside the closet), 4 panels, 144w by 96h $2159

3. Silver frames, milky glass closet doors, 4 panels, 160w by 96h $2740

Glass Closet Bypass Doors

4. Silver frames, mirror glass walk-in closet doors, 2 panels, 72w by 96h $1325

Glass Sliding Closet Doors Mirror

5. Silver frames, smoked glass, 2 panels (light inside the closet), 72w by 96h $1325

5. Silver frames, smoked glass, 2 panels (light inside the closet), 72w by 96h $1151

6. White frames, clear glass closet doors, 4 panels, 160w by 96h $2740

Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors Fort Lauderdale FL

7. Black frames, frosted sliding glass doors, 3 panels, 120w by 96h $2095

7. Black frames, frosted glass, 3 panels, 120w by 96h $1823

8. Black frames, milky glass, 4 panels, 144w by 96h walkin closet doors, $2485

glass room dividers

9. Silver frames, smoked sliding glass closet doors, 3 panels, 108w by 96h $1905

9. Silver frames, smoked glass, 3 panels, 108w by 96h $1655

10. Silver frames, smoked sliding glass doors (light inside the closet), 3 panels, 108w by 96h $1905

10. Silver frames, smoked glass (light inside the closet), 3 panels, 108w by 96h $1655

11. Sliding wardrobe doors, Black frames, milky glass, 4 panels, 60w by 80h $1070

Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors Black Frame Milky

12. Closet doors, Silver frames, milky glass, 2 panels, 60w by 96h $1130

12. Silver frames, opaque glass, 2 panels, 60w by 96h $983

13. Black frames closet doors, mirror glass, 3 panels, 108w by 96h $1905

Mirror Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

14. Silver frames, milky glass walk in closet doors, 3 panels, 114w by 108h $2563

3. Silver frames, opaque glass, 3 panels, 114w by 108h $1964

15. Silver frames, milky glass closet doors, 3 panels, 90w by 80h $1450

6. Silver frames, opaque glass, 3 panels, 90w by 80h $1261

Custom Glass Sliding Doors for Your Home Or Office

Doors that open out into a room are so last-century, so let’s leave them there. If you’re getting a house constructed from the ground up or if you’re renovating one after a long time, sliding doors are the doors of the future.

Our interior modern glass sliding doors are nifty appendages since they save space which traditional doors would otherwise need. If you have limited space in your residence, getting sliding doors installed won’t just make it look great, you’ll be making great use of the space that you have available

Having custom sliding doors installed in your house or for your walk-in closet or wardrobe can also fetch you a good price in the market, even if the house is old. Modern installations make buyers think you have modernized your home or that it wasn’t built too long ago, thus increasing its property value. If you’re remodeling your house for a sale, don’t forget the sliding doors!

Get them from Doors22 in Aventura, Florida today. We ship within 2 weeks, offer a 10-year warranty, and will ensure you’re given your money back if you aren’t satisfied!


Consider these things before you install sliding glass door in your closet:

Size: we can custom–make sliding glass doors for your wardrobe virtually in any size. We can make custom width and height, virtually any size. Please send us the dimentions of your opening and we will send you a quote! Don’t let the size discourage you.

Number of sliding doors: Our tracks made to handle up to 6 sliding doors creating harmonica effect. Most closets use 2 to 4 doors, but if you have a large opening, we can make it 5 or even 6 doors.

Glass Type: Our glass comprises of two 1/8 inch glass plates with a protective film inside. This “sandwich” design is used in the windshield of a car to offer maximum protection. Not only that the glass will not break into sharp-edged pieces, it will not even break into small pieces, like the tempered glass would. Our design is super safe when it comes to breaking the glass.

Glass Color: Our wardrobe doors system offers beautiful glass color selection – from clear, frosted, milky, smoked to any vivid color you desire. We will custom make the glass color for you to match your design.

Sliding glass wardrobe doors can be a unique addition to your modern and elegant home. It will dictate certain style, efficiency and the space, which makes it a great investment. Choose Doors22 to show you how easy it is to choose, order and install!

Standard Sizes Price Sheet

Opening Size
Width Height.
48"W x 80"H $920
60"W x 80"H $1,070
72"W x 80"H $1,220
80"W x 80"H $1,325
90"W x 80"H $1,450
96"W x 80"H $1,525
108"W x 80"H $1,680
120"W x 80"H $1,830
144"W x 80"H $2,135
160"W x 80"H $2,335
Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 96"H $935
60"W x 96"H $1,130
72"W x 96"H $1,325
80"W x 96"H $1,450
90"W x 96"H $1,615
96"W x 96"H $1,710
108"W x 96"H $1,905
120"W x 96"H $2,095
144"W x 96"H $2,485
160"W x 96"H $2,740

The price includes the entire system: doors, tracks and all hardware.
We can help you find an installer in your area

Click here for custom sizes

We Stand Behind Our Product!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

10 years warranty

Engineered for ultimate safety!

Top Quality!

Shipped within 2 weeks!

Standard & custom sizes!

Professional installer not required!

Smooth silent technology!

Shockingly low prices!

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19920 Northeast 15th Court, Miami

4.8 25 reviews

  • Avatar Marie King ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Purchased custom doors to create a conference room in our office and they're perfect! Steve was wonderful to work with- extremely professional and prompt with all communication. These were custom made all through a Facetime and some … More measurements! Very happy with the outcome 🙂
  • Avatar K M ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I purchased 3 silver with milky glass doors on a triple track for my pantry and they are absolutely stunning! Both David and Steve were quick to reply and answer all of my questions via email or phone, and even spoke with my contractors … More to make sure they were installed properly. I had a small part that was cracked and they sent me 2 replacements the very next day. Service is top notch! Everyone who sees the doors and all the contractors involved in my kitchen renovation say they have never seen such beautiful doors that glide so smoothly.
  • Avatar Beth Schrope ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    The service I received from David and Steve was unusually excellent. The product arrived on schedule but two of the doors were the wrong size. An honest mistake. They shipped new doors without cost without argument. Anything I needed they … More just provides without cost or hassle. Wish all my purchases were so easy. The installation went quickly and without issue. The doors look amazing. Its very simple system and provides a very professional look. I created an office in a general open space to work in with some privacy. When I don’t use it, I open the doors and the office “disappears”.
    It’s a great concept for someone that needs a separate “office at home” without building walls and doors and shopping up their house.
    I have another few projects I am planning to use this system for.
  • Avatar Damian Gallina ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    The doors slide very smoothly and are super easy to adjust for plumb…a clever system. The packaging was much appreciated, and did a great job protecting them from damage as we moved them into jobsite. The handles look really nice too. … More
    Our building is a reclaimed warehouse over 100 years old, so one opening was way out of level and we had to shim up the bottom track by about 0.75 inches in order to keep the frame inside the upper track, but we just made the shimmed up portion where we put a fixed panel. The universality of each panel really makes the whole system very flexible. This is a great solution, and FAR more affordable than the next closest option.
    We will opt to install the horizontal dividers to complete the project, and the result has been far beyond my expectations. THANKS
  • Avatar Jessi Robertson ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Excellent product!! I just had a flooring contractor call me yesterday to compliment my closet doors and said he has never seen doors glide as smooth as these. He was also very impressed by how good they looked. Absolutely beautiful product!! … More
  • Avatar Edwin Rossi ★★★★★ a year ago
    I had been looking for an option to close in my formal dining room (converting to my office) for such a long time then finally found Doors22! I was able to find the perfect fit, perfect style, and just complimented my space amazingly. Lawrence … More and the team communicated with me every step of the way and were extremely helpful!
    I am so happy I found Doors22.

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