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Glass Closet Doors


We Ship Anywhere In Continental US
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
10 Years Warranty

We carry an exclusive collection of contemporary glass closet doors which are lightweight but strong and durable. Choose from ready-made or custom-built – both of which feature safety glass.  Our glass bypass wardrobe doors offer smart design and easy installation.

We Offer Custom Or Standard Sizes!

Click here for custom sizes

1. Closet doors, 1.5" black frame, smoked glass, 96"w x 80"h $1,327

Closet Doors, Smoked Glass

2. Glass Closet Doors, Black 3" frame, frosted glass, 72"w x 96"h $1,151

Frosted Glass Closet Doors

3. Mirror Closet Doors, Black frame, 96"w x 96"h $1,487

Mirror Glass Closet Doors

4. Black frame, milky glass closet doors, 120"w x 80"h $1,591

black milky 4 doors

5. Black frame, milky glass closet doors 60"w x 80"h $931


6. Wenge frame, frosted glass closet doors, 72"w x 80"h $1,063

Frosted Glass Duo T Design Wenge Frame

7. White frame, milky glass closet doors 118"w x 79"h$1,783


8. Closet Doors, White frame, milky glass 118"w x 79"h $1,783


9. Black frame closet doors, milky glass 88"w x 94"h $1,584


10. 3" Black frame doors, smoked mirrors closet 122"w x 88"h $2,001


11. Silver frame closet doors, frosted glass

installation 029

12. Silver frame, frosted glass L-shape closet

silver frosted l shape corner

13. 3" Silver frame, milky glass closet doors, 168"w x 96"h $2,741

silver milky 3 inch frame trio

14. 3" Silver frame, milky glass closet, 90"w x 96"h $,1403

silver milky 3 inch

15. Silver frames, closet doors, milky glass, quattro design

silver milky pentagon design

16. Wenge frame, milky glass, wardrobe 87"w x 80"h $1,453

walnut 3 inch frame milky framed out

17. 3" wenge wardrobe, 1.5" frame, milky glass, 108"w x 80"h $1,459

walnut milky trio design 3 doors

18. wardrobe in wenge frame, frosted glass, 108"w x 78"h $1,662

Walnut Triple Track closet (design house)

19. Wenge frame wardrobe, frosted glass, 48"w x 80"h $7,99

wenge frosted creative design

20. 3" Black frame wardrobe doors, milky glass, 90"w x 80"h $1261

wenge frosted trio 2

21. 3" Wenge frame wardrobe doors, milky glass, 60"w x 80"h $931

Wenge Milky 3 door Solo Design

22. Black frame wardrobe doors, milky glass, 72"w x 80"h $1063

Wenge milky 3 inch frame 2 doors closed

23. Glass closet doors, White frame, milky glass, 48"w x 87"h $1026

Wenge Milky Quattro design closet

24. 3" White frame bypass glass closet doors, for closet, milky glass, 72"w x 80"h $1,063

white milky 4 large doors

Custom Glass Sliding Doors for Florida Homes

Doors that open out into a room are so last-century, so let’s leave them there. If you’re getting a house constructed from the ground up or if you’re renovating one after a long time, sliding doors are the doors of the future.

Glass sliding doors are nifty appendages since they save space which traditional doors would otherwise need. If you have limited space in your residence, getting sliding doors installed won’t just make it look great, you’ll be making great use of the space that you have available

Having custom sliding doors installed in your house or for your closet or wardrobe can also fetch you a good price in the market, even if the house is old. Modern installations make buyers think you have modernized your home or that it wasn’t built too long ago, thus increasing its property value. If you’re remodeling your house for a sale, don’t forget the sliding doors!

Get them from Doors22 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida today. We ship within 2 weeks, offer a 10-year warranty, and will ensure you’re given your money back if you aren’t satisfied!

Standard Sizes Price Sheet

We Can Custom Make It In Any Size!

Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 80"H $799
60"W x 80"H $931
72"W x 80"H $1063
80"W x 80"H $1151
90"W x 80"H $1261
96"W x 80"H $1327
108"W x 80"H $1459
120"W x 80"H $1591
144"W x 80"H $1855
160"W x 80"H $2031
Opening Size
Width Height
48"W x 96"H $815
60"W x 96"H $983
72"W x 96"H $1151
80"W x 96"H $1263
90"W x 96"H $1403
96"W x 96"H $1487
108"W x 96"H $1655
120"W x 96"H $1823
144"W x 96"H $2159
160"W x 96"H $2383

The price includes the entire system: doors, tracks and all hardware.
We can help you find an installer in your area

Click here for custom sizes

We Stand Behind Our Product!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

10 years warranty

Engineered for ultimate safety!

Top Quality!

Shipped within 2 weeks!

Standard & custom sizes!

Professional installer not required!

Smooth silent technology!

Shockingly low prices!

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