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Comprehensive guide to choosing the right closet glass sliding doors

Some say that the closet is just a storage room but many see it as a necessary decorative element that may not be overlooked. When visual appeal is considered, the sliding glass closet doors do offer much more to the eye than your ordinary wood frame painted doors. The glass doors can make the space appear chic, unique, luxurious, stylish and modern, as well as allow the light in while offering a variety of glass and frame colors. We believe that our doors will definitely enhance the overall aesthetic value of your home. About glass closet doors You can come across custom options that are indeed a wonderful addition to the bedroom closet. Such closets do offer the room with elegance and a spacious look. So how do you choose which sliding glass door works for you? If you prefer a well-arranged closet, then you should stop your selection with clear glass. In case, you are disorganized and messy, then you hide your clutter using milky, tinted, frosted, smoked, patterned or etched glass panes. Sliding glass doors for closets are best selected with 2-3 horizontally sliding panels. You may consider investing in hinged glass doors opening in both directions and outwards. However it will occupy more space and hence, not suitable for small rooms! Double doors are excellent choices for those walk-in large closet spaces. They go well with metal or wood frames. On the other hand, elegant glass doors for the wardrobe will suit any décor. It is easy to maintain as well as clean glass doors. It is for this reason, people prefer to invest in this type of sliding glass doors for closets and wardrobes. Mirrored closet doors They are among the popular choices when the closet design is concerned. They provide the bedroom with a high-end clothing store or fancy boutique feel. The closet front when installed with a full-length mirror can free up the wall space to accommodate paintings, art, clocks and hangings. It also allows you to get a complete view of the apparel you are wearing. This type of closet door also helps your dim, small room to appear much brighter and larger. It bounces natural light all over the space, thereby creating visual balance. You can come across mirrored doors in various styles, sizes and personalization choices. You may also select from numerous edge profiles. Its stylish nature is what allows you to use them in different areas in your home. The elegance of glass might compel you to select t0 to install in your wardrobe doors. Doing so adds style, grace and light to your home. Tips to hang a mirror the right way You need to place the mirror in a position that it will transform the room effectively, thus making it appear larger and brighter. However, hanging a mirror is likely to be a challenging task. Following some expert advice will help hang your mirror securely in the desired room. For this you will require the following tools and accessories: • Drill • Wall hardware/anchors/screws • Pencil • Tape measure • Multifunctional stud finder • Level • Hammer • Screwdriver, etc. Things to consider • Mirror weight: It affects significantly the hardware amount and type that is used for hanging purposes. You may find the weight mentioned on the packaging. Otherwise, you can get a bathroom scale to weigh it. An anchor will be essential to hold in place heavy mirrors like a stud created in the wall. • Wall type: This is something that you need to take into consideration. Is it a drywall, plaster, concrete or brick wall? To determine having drywall or plaster, lightly poke the wall using a tack. • Drywall anchors: These are sheaths that are inserted within the wall. Drive a screw into the anchor, thus expanding its sides. It will stay in place quite firmly. • Correct hardware: Check packaging while investing in hardware meant for hanging glass closet doors. It will specify the wall type that the fastener will be suitable for and the drill bit size required. You can expect mounting hardware to be provided with your newly purchased mirrors. • Sheetrock wall hangers: These are hooks, meant to be used on difficult surfaces such as brick walls and concrete blocks. Its plastic hook tends to attaché to the wall using small metal nails pounded within the wall surface. • Toggle bolts: They are generally used on plaster. There is inserted a winged nut via the pre-drilled hole. Spring-loaded wings open up, thereby offering a base. It also prevents pulling out the screw. Brackets are used to hang unbacked heavy mirrors while monkey hooks are useful to hang the heavy mirror. • Locate studs: If the mirror is to be hung on a drywall, then it should be installed directly on the wall stud’s top part. These are wood’s vertical pieces attached to the drywall sheets. You can locate wires, pipes or studs in the area by using a multifunction stud finder. Once the above steps are complete, find out if the mirror can be hung. For this, turn over the mirror and find out if hooks or hanging hardware are already installed or not. Otherwise, attach it by yourself. Steps to hang the mirror • Visualize the end result to derive the desired placement. • Mark a straight line below the bottom edge of the mirror. Maintain level in a proper place like a straightedge. Along top level, draw light pencil line to indicate mirror’s bottom edge position after hanging it. • Find out distance between hanging point top edge and mirror’s bottom edge using tape measure. • In case mirror has single hanging point, then measure from mirror side to hanging point center. • If the mirror back has two hanging points, then take masking tape piece. Lay it across two hooks on mirror back in horizontal position. • Follow manufacturer installation to ensure correct installation. • Hang the mirror and check for leveling and placement. Knowing