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The Difference Between Glass Office Partition Walls

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Modern offices change their way of operation as well as outlook quite frequently. But, the spaces they occupy remain mostly constant. So, having partition walls made of glass is more convenient than making them from concrete or solid wood. Glass office walls provide more flexibility to your workstation than wooden or concrete walls. They have a good number of benefits to make them a very good investment:

Benefits of glass office partition walls:

Cost-effectiveness: It’s undoubtedly more cost-effective than installation of permanent, solid concrete or wooden walls. If you want one time investment paying value for the long time, glass wall is the answer. They come in variety of designs with aesthetic outlook but in low cost. So, you are getting increased productivity with style in a comparatively inexpensive renovation idea.

Practical solution: Imagine installing an extravagant, solid partition right in the middle of your office space, resulting in the same and monotonous design of the office for the next 30 years. Do you really want something like that for your office? Hopefully, not! The characteristics of business demand it to change always. Similarly, its requirements also changes. The number of employees, the amount of spaces they would need; everything is variable. So, something permanent is not the smartest solution for office designing ideas. Rather, think about a practical solution like modern glass office walls, which are customizable and changeable as per your need.

Provides sufficient privacy: The provoking thought behind installing glass office partition walls is having adequate privacy for each employee. This proper partitioning ensures enough space and privacy for continuation of regular office work without disturbance from outside. Many people usually question the efficacy of glass office walls in providing proper privacy. In contrast to this popular doubt, frosted, soundproof and smoked glass walls can be easily used for office partitioning without hampering privacy.

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An aesthetic renovation idea: One of the most important renovation ideas that can increase the style quotient of your office is glass partition. It comes in different sizes, designs and styles. Choose something that would make your workplace look elegant and aesthetic. You can also use see-through stickers on them with the logo and key image of your office. This will also add brand value to your office layout.

Allows natural light: If glass office walls had one single advantage, it would be the allowance and abundance of natural light. If you are planning to install a solid concrete or wooden office wall, think again about it. Glass office walls provide access to natural daylight, decreasing dependence of artificial lights. Also, it allows light to pass from one room to another. So, the cost of power consumption will be cut into half almost. Natural atmosphere is proven to promote the health and wellbeing since the beginning of creation. So, the productivity of your employees as well as your office will definitely increase.

Different types of glass office walls:

There are various types of glass partitions available for installation in office. You can choose any one type or mix and match multiple as per your convenience.

Single glazed glass partitions: If you are low on budget and are looking for something sleek yet easy to install, this type of glass partitions are the best for you. They are easy to carry and install anywhere in your office without hampering natural light.

Double glazed glass partitions: They serve similar to single glazed partitions, just with better acoustic insulation. For those, who are more inclined to open space office yet want to keep the workspace free from outside noise, choose this type of glass partitions.

Acoustic glass partitions: This type of glass is specially made to provide better soundproofing facility than regular single glazed ones. So, you can use it in music studio or conference room for appropriate sound insulation. It will provide you the advantages of glass walls without noise or outside distractions.

Curved glass partitions: If you are bored of contemporary straight or box like glass partitions, choose this kind of glass to give your office layout a new dimension. Though, it might cost little higher than the regular straight or plain glass walls, the final output is worth every hassle.

Faceted glass partitions: Many find curved glass to be little costly. So, there is a budget friendly option, if you want to avoid box like partitions altogether. Faceted glass walls can be an excellent alternative to curved glass wall. It is thin walled, with a polygon arrangement which looks like a curve. So, the purpose is served at a lesser cost.

Fire rated glass partitions: Now a day, protection from fire is a key concern in many office spaces. So, you might get worried about it while installing glass walls in your office. Instead of ordinary glasses, choose fire rated ones for additional safety and security. They will provide you with required protection from fire without making it all clumsy with fire boards and safety doors.

Designs of glass office walls:

Framed glass walls: These are the most popular version of office glass partitions. People who like convenient designs with comfortable operation and cost effective installation process, usually prefer this kind of glass walls. If you are more concerned with keeping your office space private, framed glass walls should be on your list.

Frameless glass walls: In modern world, many people are more concerned with style and elegance when it comes to their personal office or business locations. They want the brand image value of their work. In this regard, frameless glass walls can be the smartest choice. They don’t have hard lined metal frames. With clear image and aesthetic outlook, they can give you the desired open plan office space vibe as well.

Modular glass walls: These glass walls are very convenient if you want something other than framed partitions. They are not much movable, but are pretty easily reconfigurable. You can keep the panels of the old one and reconfigure the whole layout newly again with experts. They have sections which are pre-fabricated. So, the installation cost is less than framed ones. Modular office partitions are beautiful as well as versatile if you can utilize them smartly.

Additional tips:

Use decorative or colored glass: If you can’t afford much fancier option, get the glass walls painted and colored with decorative posters and screens. This will serve both the privacy purpose as well as increase aesthetic value of the place at a cheaper price.

Use different types of doors: Make proper use of your investment with different types of doors. Look for sliding glass doors alongside pivot and swing doors.

Your workspace should be a place you and others would love to work at. So, make it beautifully productive with beneficial and smart investment like these modern glass wall partitions. They are differently made and can be installed differently. So, make the best use of your hard earned money.

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