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How to Transform Your Loft into a Multi-Level Residence

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If you currently own or rent a home with a loft, you might be wondering what you can do to utilize all the extra vertical space that you have available. The truth is that you are in an excellent place to offer multiple levels of living space while having more than enough room to store all your extra belongings. It’s up to you what kind of room you want to place in the loft, but bedrooms and living areas are common choices.

The best loft conversion makes use of all the space in your home, so a busy family has more room to move around and engage in activities. Whether you want to add a guest bedroom, dining space, or an extra lounge, it is a top alternative to a typical extension. It also can add value to your home.

Planning Steps Before You Start

Before you get started working on a new loft system, you want to have design ideas ready. Everything from the configuration of the room to the structure, your budget, the energy efficiency, and the position of windows will come into play. Having a loft converted into usable space can give you up to double your space if things are planned out ahead of time.

Deciding Whether You Have the Needed Space

If you’re planning to convert a small loft into a home office, a kid’s bedroom, or another space, the first thing you want to check is whether there is enough room for the conversion. The rule of thumb here is that you should have at least 7.5 feet of height for conversion, but you also need to consider the pitch of the roof and any obstacles like water tanks or chimneys.

Those without adequate roof space may be able to consider other loft partition ideas, including removing all or part of the roof to heighten it. The main issue is that this requires planning permission and can cost quite a bit more. Another option is to use a sliding glass partition wall system, like those offered by Doors22. These systems offer you great looking storage space that can be designed to fit with the style of your existing home.

Adding Stairs to Your Loft Space

There are a few things to be aware of when choosing stairs for a loft. Even if you already have stairs available, there are requirements that they need to meet to be safe for your family. All stairs should meet the guidelines below:

• Have a tread depth of at least nine inches
• Be at least 36 inches wide
• Offer at least 6’8” of headspace up the entire set of stairs
• Have a rise of 8 ¼ inches or less at all points

If your stairs meet these requirements, you are good to go. However, you want to be sure they meet the needs of the conversion design to avoid problems with the structural integrity of the loft. Compliance and placement are both crucial things to consider.

Choosing the Ideal Loft Partition Design Idea for the Space’s Proportions

If you are making a small conversion or want several rooms instead of just one, remember that small areas can be very cozy. When adding to that feel, light color schemes work well. White walls can make a space look brighter and larger, but adding touches of color will help keep the area from seeming boring or clinical.

When it comes to dividing the space, loft glass partition walls are an excellent choice. You can choose the size, type of glass, and variety of frames you want to fit your vision. Transparent glass will make a space seem larger, while frosted glass provides additional privacy between areas.

Plan Out the Layout of Furniture Before Starting

Before you start working with loft glass walls, you want to consider the layout. That means you want to determine where storage will go, where you want to place furniture, and where any other items need to go. If you’re adding a bathroom to your loft, make sure the shower and sink are in places with the highest ceiling since it will make the area more functional.

Make Sure to Think About Natural Light

The great thing about adding glass loft partition walls is that they can help natural light flow through the space. However, the location of your windows will also affect how much light is in each level of your residence. If windows are scarcer than you would like, make the most of what you have by using sheer curtains that let the light flow through your home.

Ideas for Using a Loft as Home Office Space

With COVID-19 causing changes around the world, many people are now working out of their homes; using a loft as a home office is a common choice. You can continue to be a part of the overall space of the home while having a private area where you can focus and concentrate just by closing of the loft with glass. Offices should have a good deal of light, so heavy curtains should be avoided.

If you have a large area, you can make use of loft partitions to separate an office from a bedroom or library if you want to incorporate multiple rooms. The loft glass walls will keep sound out of the office so you can be productive even when others are using the other area. Just make sure you have enough room for all your office essentials if you go this way!

Options for Making a Loft into a Multi-Level Residence

At Doors22, we offer a selection of products and loft partition ideas that can help you make it into a space in which you can be proud. Our residential loft glass partition walls come in a variety of styles and provide extra space that can be underneath your new bedroom or office. All our systems and dividers come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind and can be ordered in custom sizes to meet your needs.