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Custom Glass Wardrobe Doors

glass wardrobe doors

Tips to select custom glass wardrobe sliding doors within your budget. Perhaps, you are fascinated by glass wardrobe sliding doors and want to install one in your bedroom. You can find them made of different materials, design and prices. It is possible to customize the design to suit perfectly your room interiors.

Cost involved

Custom glass wardrobe doors cost consists of two parts, namely:
• Door cost – sliding or hinged doors.
• Wardrobe carcass cost (wooden box) excluding doors.

Why choose sliding door wardrobes?

Sliding glass doors are considered to be a popular option for wardrobes when compared to hinge doors. This is because, sliding doors are highly customizable. They can easily match your set budget and interior aesthetic requirements. You can come across a wide range of materials to choose form. With some innovative ideas, you can combine them to derive budgeted objectives and desired aesthetics.

What factors influence wardrobe sliding door cost?
• Decorative insert panels. They are fitted within the sliding door profiles.
• Sliding door hardware features and quality
• Siding door profile colors and surface finish

Know siding door profile colors and surface finish types

Generally three types are commonly used like:

• Powder Coated Aluminum / Steel Profiles: This coating type is generally applied the form of free-flowing dry powder. Electrostatic technique is used for applying the coating. Then it is cured under heat for skin formation. It is possible to carry out powder coating on aluminum and steel profiles. Both are however, susceptible to discoloration resulting from UV exposure as well as peeling off. This occurs if well process is not used.

• Electrophoresis Aluminum Profiles: It is rather an aluminum surface profile finish, also known as electrophoretic coating or e-coating. ‘Electrophoresis’ is stated to be the procedure to attain desired coating color. This is done by immersing aluminum profiles within an electrified tank comprising of the desired paint. This type of surface finish comes with amazing impact resistance and also popular due to its glossy finish.

• Hard Anodized Aluminum Surface Profiles: Anodizing is stated to be an electrochemical procedure to transform aluminum metal surface to durable, decorative anodic oxide finish. The profiles are adequately protected due to hard anodization and boasts of being scratch and higher wear resistant. It also is known to improve aesthetic qualities while offering a popular and durable surface finish. Such door profiles do come with an elegant and amazing looking MATT surface finish. Interior designers the world over recommend this type to their clients. Specialized factories fabricate and manufacture such superior quality sliding doors. You can also come across Hard Anodized Aluminum sliding doors in various exiting colors.
You need to undertake a thorough research on the above-given wardrobe sliding door profile variants. When comparing all the three, you are sure to find hard anodized aluminum profiles to be the very best. They give out that modern look while being manufactured from superior quality materials. Moreover, they are a bit more expensive than the other two. Hence, you need to understand your requirements, budget set and preferences before finalizing the type to choose for your home.

Custom glass wardrobe doors features and quality

Wardrobe sliding doors are known to use the following major hardware elements like:
• Lock
• Soft close mechanism
• Bottom & top track rollers

Their cost is likely to vary based on the selected hardware features and quality. Hardware feature and quality is what determines the sliding doors’ durability and functionality features.

Soft Close Mechanism

Wardrobe sliding doors are provided with pneumatic soft-close mechanism to ensure sound-free and smooth door closing. Thus, it offers users with high-end product feel and also makes the door to last long.

Bottom & Top Track Rollers

Rollers are considered to be the very heart for sliding doors. Generally, they lie hidden within the sliding doors and hence, visually seen or even discussed. However, it is the rollers that determine the sliding doors’ functional life and smoothness. You should purchase customized glass wardrobe and closet doors only from reputed manufacturers. The reason, well-established manufacturers test their products in their R&D labs. They also specify the number of cycles it will last and be reliable.

Unique anti-jump features present in the rollers are what prevent it from emerging out of its track, thereby ensuring safety. The rollers are also offered with door height adjustment features to allow proper door adjustments. Thus differences arising in wardrobe floor levels combined with minor carpentry issues are taken care of.


Integrated lots designed in the wardrobe door are meant to offer the user with additional security. Such profiles are also popular used to create openable shutters.

Decorative insert panel

You can also find a variety of interesting decorative panel materials. You should get something that matches perfectly your aesthetic preferences and sliding wardrobe door design. Glass-based insert panels typically are quite expensive when compared to wood-based.

Mirror and glass-based inserts have become popular the world over. This is because of its easy maintenance and rich glass glossy feel. You can find mirrors and glasses of different designs and colors. They can be mix-matched to derive unique aesthetic designs.

Such panels meant for sliding wardrobe doors are categorized below:
• Laminated MDF
• PLPB (Pre-laminated Particle Board)
• Wood-based panels

• Copper mirror
• Gold mirror
• Bronze mirror
• Plain mirror

• Designer glass
• Colored glass
• Figured glass
• Tinted glass
• Glass having custom graphics
• Fluted glass

Mosaic highlighters

Generally, decorative insert panels get used along with innovative glass inserts to provide dramatic designs.

Glass sandwich panels

Fabrics and wallpapers are sandwiched in this type between two glass panels. Thus, it forms unique wardrobe sliding door designs. Different insert panels are also combined to derive unique expression.

Doing some research will help you to come across door patterns indifferent designs. There are easily available multiple door designs to choose from. Such patterns do provide the freedom to combine insert panel material of choice to match perfectly your desired aesthetic preferences. Also, you can be assured of getting custom glass wardrobe doors within your set budget.

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