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When You Want To Allow Natural Light In

glass room divider panels

The entrance of natural light into your homes and offices plays an important role in keeping the environment warm and bright. However, when you opt for glass room divider panels to do the job, particular concerns are related to privacy.

Glass panel types that will add natural light to a room and maintain privacy are quite essential. This article will specifically cover the glass panel types you can apply to maintain your privacy and add natural light to a room along with aesthetics.

Glass Panel Types:

These are the glasses you can opt for to get your glass panels made to take full advantage of natural light along with maintaining your privacy:

Textured Glass Doors:

If you are looking for something aesthetically appealing along with maintaining your privacy to the fullest, textured glass doors are the best options. These types of glass doors have a pattern or a texture impressed into the panels to give them a decorative look.

Benefits of Textured Glass Doors:

• You can use textured glass doors when you don’t want your privacy to get disturbed. They are incredibly successful in distorting the view from the outside because they are almost opaque.

• While maintaining privacy, these glass separators add natural light to a room or office without any stoppage.

• Textured glass doors also help in increasing the visual ambiance of the interior.

• Comes with various texture choices so that you can choose the best one to go with the entire look of your house or office.

Frosted Glass Sliding Walls:

The translucent glass sliding panels come with a frosted appearance, and this effect is given to the plain sheets of glass through acid-etching and sandblasting. Due to one side being covered with the marked surface, the panels are responsible for blurring the images.

glass room divider frosted

Benefits of Frosted Glass Sliding Doors:

• The frosted glass doors are effortless to clean, and you can clean them with just a piece of clean cloth.

• Although being translucent, the frosted glass doors allow plenty amount of sunlight to enter your home or office.

• If you don’t want to block out the light entering your home while maintaining privacy, the frosted glass doors are the wisest and most prominent choice allowing both.

• The frosted glass doors are energy efficient as they have an ideal room temperature.

• They are even durable throughout the harsh weather.

• The frosted glass sliding doors also add a touch of elegance and style to the place it is installed.

Tinted Glass Sliding Doors:

If you want to have the proper view of everything happening outside your room through the glass door but don’t want outsiders to peek inside, tinted glass doors are the best choice for you. The primary function of tinted glass doors is to reduce the glare from the outside and maintain transparency from the inside by applying a color to the glass door.

glass room divider smoked

Benefits of Tinted Glass Doors:

• The tinted glass doors help in reducing your energy bills as they absorb the heat entering your home, and as a result, they preserve the amount of heating used in your home, so you don’t have to put extra money into heating your home in harsh weather.

• The tinted glass reduces the UV rays that reach your home or office to about 99%.

• The tinted glasses are exceptionally good when it comes to maintaining privacy as they do not allow outsiders to have a look inside.

• They can also be used in offices where you need your privacy to be maintained and want to keep things confidential.

• They are water and scratch-resistant, therefore highly durable.

• The tinted glass doors are super easy to clean; therefore, investing in them saves your time and money for cleaning them.
Switchable Privacy Glass Doors:

If you want to have glass doors that add natural light to a room when you need it and stop it from entering when you require it, the switchable privacy glass doors are here for your service. These kinds of glass doors belong to the high-tech category and can turn from being entirely transparent to being utterly opaque through a switch.

Benefits of Switchable Privacy Glass Doors:

• These kinds of glass doors allow your conference rooms to have privacy whenever needed and be transparent whenever needed, just with a switch.

• You can even allow the transparent glass to turn into translucent ones if you still want some light to enter.

• The switchable privacy glass doors save you the struggle and cost of indulging in the hassle of window coverings. This is because you can have privacy or transparency whenever required.

• The switchable privacy glasses are exceptionally good at saving energy costs. They reduce the sun’s heat and thus reduce the costs to be invested in air conditioning offices or homes.

• The switchable privacy glass also reduces the need for lights and lamps because they can quickly turn transparent and allow natural light to enter.

Why is Natural Light important to enter indoors?

While we have discussed all the options to add natural light to a room, there is one question that may be popping up in your mind. Why is the entrance of natural light important?

This is because natural light reduces the health risks that fluorescent lights have to offer. It is also a great way to keep the office or home environment warm and bright throughout the day.

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