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Major Differences Between Glass Cubicles

glass cubicles

In today’s world, the business industry as well as economic sources are expanding rather rapidly. However, the world does not get any more space. So, we are accommodating everything we have in the limited space. This is one of the most important problems in the modern world. Nevertheless, the solution has to be modern as well. Here comes glass to the rescue. We use glass for doors, room dividers; even as small capsule like separate spaces called cubicles. Glass cubicles can be the finest solution for you, if you have a dilemma how to provide privacy as well as independent working place for your office employees. You can also use “see-through” glass workstations for your home office, to create an elegant yet cozy atmosphere. So, there are a few different types of office cubicles and their uses. We’ll get to know what they are now.

Glass Office Cubicles:

When you are planning to create a smart office space for your employees, there are few things you might need to understand about the different types of cubicles. Though most people like open-space office plans, you have to reconsider the factor of personal space and privacy that your employees are going to need. Glass cubicles might be a better solution than glass walled room dividers. The cubicles need much less space while providing elegant looks as well as privacy.

What you need to know before you install glass cubicles in your office is the amount of space you need to allocate. It’s likely that more than one cubicle will be installed. So, look at the bigger picture, how would your office look when you are installing certain types of glass office cubicles? Would it look congested and suffocating, or liberating yet provide proper personal working space? So, there are some points to be noticed before you buy and install them in your office.

Size: Calculate the total amount of office space as well as the number of employees you have. You’ll get an approximate idea of the number and size of the glass cubicles you need to install in your office to ensure adequate space and privacy for all of your employees.

Height of the workstation: After you have calculated the number and size of the cubicles, look for the height of them. If you are more inclined to open office space plan, choose the low-walled ones. If you need personal room like workstations and have sufficient space in your office, you can go for the high-walled glass cubicles.

Layout: Consider the budget you have for this installation purpose, before you go and buy some latest designs of glass cubicles for your office. You can also install refurbished or used ones as per your convenience. Also, check whether you have an adequate number of similar designs available or not. Otherwise, it might result in an unintentional mismatch of office outlook. When you are planning to install glass cubicles in your office, it’s always better to look for some expert assistance from your building’s space planner to materialize what you want. There are various types of office cubicles with different designs. From low-walled glass cubicles to high-walled chamber-like ones, you can install any of them as per your requirements.

Different Types of Glass Office Cubicles:

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Low-walled glass cubicles: These cubicles don’t represent the typical gray-scale picture you might be assuming while visualizing office glass cubicles. They are smart, sleek and modern in appearance. Their height rarely crosses 42 inches, from the ground level. If you are opting for ample natural light as well as the look of semi-open office space, this is the best option for you. It offers both privacy and provision for teamwork. It keeps the distraction away and still provides easy communication. You can also customize the cubicles with storage drawers and desks. Low-walled glass cubicles take up a small amount of space, so, you can easily incorporate new cubicles in the main design of your office in the future, if the number of employees increases. Choose the type of glass cubicles that will match the layout of your office to keep it all elegant.

Benching glass cubicles: This kind of glass cubicle is the smaller version of low-walled ones. The workstation might be the same, providing a smaller private area. If you are in shortage of adequate office space, they might be your rescuer. Each cubicle provides only 15 square feet area of a workstation. It might not provide enough privacy like a personal chamber or the low-walled glass cubicles. The system is arranged as dividing a large table area with small optional glass partitions. The good side of the coin is it improves communication among co-workers. You can even arrange instant meetings with the employees without them leaving their workstations. The drawback is the lack of customized space for individual employees. But, the advantage of saving space is great. From the wide range of sizes and designs, choose the type of cubicle that fits your office requirements.

High-walled glass cubicles: This is the best kind of glass cubicles that you would prefer if you want private workstations with all the required privileges. If your office is spacious enough to ensure a proper comfort zone for your employees, blindly choose this one. They are best for personal chambers, conference rooms, call centers and whatnot! You can choose any from the clear glass-walled, frosted ones, frameless or framed ones as you find comfortable and appropriate for your office.

Glass Shower Doors:

Nowadays, glass shower doors are wildly popular for secluding shower space in modern houses. Whether your home is in a minimalist style or an extravagantly spacious one, glass shower doors can take the esteem of your shower or bathroom to a whole new level of style and elegance. It saves space as well as protects other parts of your bathroom from unwanted splash of water. There is a wide variety of glass doors you can use for showers.

The frameless clear glass door: Have a minimalist house? You’ll love frameless clear glass doors. They are customizable as per the dimensions of your bathroom. Remember to use shower seals made of silicone for waterproofing purposes. With a framed clear glass door you can also consider strengthening the wall of your glass shower cubicles using stainless steel or aluminum frame. Brass plating of the frame can also provide an excellent classic look for your shower.

Colorful lacquered glass: Want something bright and full of life? Get some vibrant colors to your shower with the colored lacquered glass cubicles. They are available in multiple color options. Choose something that soothes your eyes yet keeps the shower refreshing.

Glass doors with frosted glass: For those, who are concerned with privacy mostly, this type of cubicle is the most convenient option. It keeps your shower cozy and private. Another advantage of this type of shower cubicle is it hides the water marks and can be cleaned pretty easily.

Glass workstations are a smart solution for modern world problems. Whether you are on a budget or running out of space, there is something for everyone. Now, that you have all the information about the different types of glass cubicles, get some installed at both your office and home. This little investment will go a long way in the beautification of wherever you set them up.