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5 Reasons Your Office Needs Glass Wall Panels

We’re one to two years out of the pandemic, depending on where you live. Office occupancy rates are returning and many businesses are welcoming back folks who have had it nice working from home offices, the back porch, and bedroom nook or somewhere that simply wasn’t the office. These employees were saving on gas, eating at leisure, walking the dog more often, and potentially happier at home than at the office. So, while some businesses are putting the proverbial “foot down” and demanding folks return, others are taking a more moderate approach. Either way, however, executives want their employees to want to come to work, and the physical environment is a critical part of the equation. There are many reasons why your office needs glass wall panels, but these are by far the most important. Sleek and Professional In line with the above, imagine Bob and Carol’s faces when they arrive on Monday morning to interior office glass partitions, cubicles, or even a glass-door conference room! They would absolutely flip, and that’s the reaction you’re going for. Everyone wants to work in a sleek and professional environment, no matter the business. There is nothing sleeker than glass. Electric Bill Savings Savings are always welcome, and glass wall panels are an excellent way to lower monthly electric bill expenses. Glass panels let cool and hot air circulate throughout the office, providing a more steady temperature no matter an employee’s physical location. Enclosed walls prevent air circulation, which is why Bob’s office in the back is freezing in the winter and requires extra heating as a result.  Increased Productivity Study after study demonstrates that agreeable work environments increase employee productivity. The work-cafe model that Starbucks made fashionable worked for many folks, as they enjoyed the ambiance of others working around them. Custom glass partition walls not only open the office up, allowing for more visual interaction with others, but for those employees who prefer a silent working area, enclosed glass wall partitions serve the same function. In essence, glass wall panels give employees the best of both worlds. No More Additional Lighting Like the electric bill savings, additional lighting is an additional cost. However, the other downside is that it creates a gloomy feel, especially within enclosed spaces. Once glass panels are installed, the light that windows receive naturally flows seamlessly throughout the office, thus eliminating the need for any added lighting. Privacy Isn’t Compromised Offices historically relied on walled enclosures to separate spaces and provide privacy. The open-air office revolution began with the tearing down of the walls and seating folks together amongst a range of furniture layouts. This worked and continues to work for some businesses, but privacy is still required for many. The beauty of glass office walls or commercial glass partitions is that the wall panels can be frosted or tinted to allow light to come in but also obscure visibility. Privacy is maintained, and the space remains open and airy. There are many more reasons why glass office partitions, movable glass walls, glass office walls, and similar structures are a value-added for any office. Keeping Bob and Carol happy and productive is a no-brainer with glass office walls.