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Choose a Custom Size Opening

To begin, Doors22 manufacturing requires two measurements - the height and width of an opening. We work with a range of movable glass walls, modular wall systems, glass office partitions, and more. As such, your personalized width and height measurements will ensure the opening is made to your exact specifications.

Step 1 - Measure The Width
Step 2 - Measure The Height

(Width in Inches i.e. 97 or 97.25)
(Height in Inches i.e. 92 or 92.75)

Choose Glass Color

Doors22 works with clear, smoked, frosted, milky, and mirror glass. Clear glass offers a timeless and elegant look, while smoked glass is growing in popularity as the subtle tint adds an extra layer of sophistication. Milky glass is soft and cozy, and frosted glass is a good choice to maintain a sense of seclusion. Finally, mirror glass provides depth and dimension and is ideal for spaces where you want to maximize the most of every inch.

Choose Frame Color

The frame finish is just as important as the glass itself. Our premium finishes add value to glass products by blending style and durability. Brushed aluminum is popular for those seeking a timeless feel, where the textured surface adds character and depth to the panels. Matte black frames make a bold statement and create an attractive contrast against the glass. Lastly, matte white is a popular choice for those interested in a clean and fresh appearance.

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